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    Most non-profit organizations have (or surely should have), standing committees for finance, investment, marketing & PR, nominating and evaluating board members, and (where needed) building & grounds. From long experience, for some unknown-to-me reason, there is not usually a fundraising steering committee in place devoted to ensuring that the funds needed to sustain the organization will be raised.

    Your organization’s fundraising should be led by a Development Committee accountable to the Board of Trustees. That Committee should work from a document which outlines its duties and describes the policies the group will implement. The Committee should be led by the Trustees but comprised as well of non-board individuals having influence and/or affluence.

    The Development Committee Has The Responsibility of Overseeing All Fundraising Activities

    Annual Fund — Develop and maximize fundraising potential by coordinating all campaign divisions, identifying additional opportunities and recruiting key volunteer leadership

    Project Sponsorships & Underwriting — Guide projects, services and programs for contributed support by identifying likely prospects, suggesting the best means to make presentations, and establishing benefits, services and recognition to prospects and donors

    Government Grants — Maintain and initiate contacts with appropriate government officials to increase the possibilities of special grants and other support

    Endowment & Planned Giving — Determine the feasibility of a projected solicitation campaign to secure permanent endowment funds for certain programs and services and basic operations and encourage the constituency to consider planned giving vehicles, such as trusts, insurance policies, and bequests to help ensure the long-term health of the organization

    Capital — Identify capital projects as required by need and planned strategies for growth as mapped out in the long-range strategic plan. Ensure the feasibility and chances for success of proposed asset purchases

    Special Fundraising Events — Work with the organization’s volunteer leadership, the groups which usually take on and totally produce Special Events (Galas, Auctions, Dinners, etc.), to offer direct support and encouragement, but always keeping in mind that those groups must have as much autonomy and freedom as possible to fully carry out “their” events.

    Suggested Agenda For Regular Meetings Of The Development Committee
    (A) Set policies, priorities & goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year

    (B) Review in detail the ongoing performance of each particular campaign activity
        — Evaluate to original objectives to determine if “on track”
        — Make comparisons with previous years, where applicable
        — Introduce modifications and adjustments

    (C) Review overall performance -vs- objectives
        — Determine reasons for campaigns not meeting goals
        — Provide reasons why campaigns exceeded goals

    (D) Identify and rate all prospects for support

    (E) Recruit key volunteer leaders and solicitors

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