Reviewing and Polishing Your Federal Grant Proposal

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    Grant proposals should go through a five-step writing process:
    •  Plan: Think through your proposal section.
    •  Organize: Use the grant guidelines as your outlining format.
    •  Write: Write in a free-flowing manner.
    •  Examine: Step back from your writing; review it later; then, let others review it.
    •  Revise: Emphasize clarity, conciseness, correctness, and persuasiveness.

    I already have discussed planning, organizing, and writing. In this post, I will outline the process of examining and revising your grant prose. The more kinds of effective reviews you receive, the better will be your final version.

    Examine: The Big Picture

    All reviews should answer these questions:
    •  Can the focus on the funder be improved?
    •  Is the funder focus communicated sincerely”
    •  How can strategies and theme statements be strengthened with stories, data, and other kinds of evidence?

    Revision Stage 1: Be clear

    •  Write effective theme statements.
    •  Keep introductions brief.
    •  Keep the focus on the funder.
    •  Organize according to the points emphasized in the grant guidelines.
    •  Highlight key information.

    Revision Stage 2: Be concise

    •  Revise paragraphs.
    •  Revise sentences.
    •  Revise words.

    Revision Stage 3: Be correct and compliant with the grant guidelines.

    •  Check your sections against the grant guidelines’ evaluation criteria.
    •  Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    •  Use the shortest and most correct word.
    •  Simplify, simplify, simplify.

    If you follow these steps in revising your proposal writing, you should be able to produce a very good revised version of your proposal sections.
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