The Role of The Development Office

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    The Development Office and its staff functions with-and-through a volunteer cadre, and:

    •  Participates in the strategic planning process to address the
        feasibility of attaining specific long-range and short-term
        funding goals.
    •  Is responsible for working with Leadership and Administration
        in planning and implementing the activities needed to generate
        the funding required to meet the goal established by the
        strategic planning process.
    •  Participates in the process that links the setting of cash flow goals to the fund raising process.
    •  Works with Leadership in the creation/adoption of Short- and Long-Term Development Plans
        designed to identify, educate, cultivate and involve major gift prospects in the activities of the
        organization, so that short- and long-term funding goals can be met.
    •  Works independently and with Leadership in researching prospective major donors.
    •  Coordinates and tracks activities of Leadership in that process, and in the evaluation of
        solicitation of those prospects.
    •  Maintains and coordinates the use of the organization’s database.
    •  Works independently and with Leadership in designing and implementing broad-based
        marketing, public relations and fund raising programs.
    •  Coordinates, via the research process, the identification of which individuals, foundations
        and corporations should be donor prospects for which programs and activities.

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