Does Your Organization Have A Director of Development Who Isn’t….??

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    So many non-profit organizations are hiring Directors of Development without really knowing/understanding what “development” is supposed to be about and how the role of the Director of Development is supposed to function.

    For many organizations, the Director of Development is the person hired to write the grant proposals, create relationships with corporations, or create/run the event that’s going to raise the big bucks.

    The misunderstanding is the belief that “Director of Development” equates to “income generator.” So many NPOs hire DODs with the belief that they’re getting someone who will raise the needed funds; and, the sad thing is that so many NPOs hire DODs so that organizational leadership (board and other senior staff) won’t have to be involved in (or even think about) fundraising.

    Hire a person to raise the money, and the amount of money that can be raised is limited by the time/effort that one person is willing/able to give to the process.

    Hire a person to create and/or direct a development program and there’s no theoretical limit to how much money can be raised … considering the person’s level of experience and expertise.

    A Director of Development creates and/or plans for and directs a development program … an effort that incorporates many (if not all) of the elements of the development process: mass solicitation (mail or telephone), grants (government, foundation, and corporate), events, major gifts, bequests, donor cultivation, etc….

    How many organizations do you know of that have a Director of Development who isn’t !!??

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