Use Grand Visions and Strategic Visions for Change

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    It’s common in change-management projects to have a vision for change. It’s very useful to have clients consider both a grand vision and a strategic vision. We do this in our consultant training services, and the consultants usually greatly appreciate that approach. Grand visions and strategic visions can be used in strategic planning, as well.

    A grand vision is a very broad and long-range depiction of what the organization (and preferably its stakeholders) will be like, as a result of the project, for example, “We’re the most respected organization in our industry.”

    A strategic vision is depiction of what the organization will be like soon after having finished the project for change, for example, “Our business units are closely aligned and our operations are more efficient, resulting in a 20% decrease in operating costs.”

    Too often, only grand visions are used in projects for change and in strategic planning. While they initially are great for motivating people, they often don’t give clear focus and direction for people undertaking those activities. A strategic vision can provide that clear focus and direction, especially at a time when people seem increasingly cynical about projects for change and strategic planning.

    In your next projects and plans, consider using grand visions and strategic visions.

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