6 Best SEO Audit Tools Tried & Tested by Experts

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    If you’re like most people, the term “audit” might send a shiver down your spine, conjuring images of stressful financial scrutiny. However, if you’re an SEO professional, the same word likely sparks excitement, evoking thoughts of discovering valuable marketing insights.

    Digital marketers rely heavily on tools that provide these insights, enabling us to understand what drives traffic to a website, why content may be underperforming in search engine results pages (SERPs), and how to enhance the copy on a page.

    I’ve utilized numerous SEO audit tools throughout my career, and to aid you in selecting the most suitable one for your needs, I’ve dedicated additional time to evaluating the top contenders. These tools range from free auditing applications to comprehensive enterprise-level marketing suites. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned SEO pro, these products are designed to help diagnose and enhance your site’s performance.

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    6 Best SEO Audit Tools

    Semrush – Best SEO Audit Tool Overall

    SemRush logo

    The Semrush Site Audit tool simplifies the process of conducting an SEO audit by identifying and helping to rectify over 140 potential issues. Its comprehensive Site Audit report evaluates SEO across seven thematic reports, encompassing crucial areas such as page crawl ability, HTTPS security, international SEO strategies, Core Web Vitals for user experience, site performance metrics, and the effectiveness of internal and external linking.

    It also checks the implementation of various markups like Schema.org and social media tags, which are essential for enhancing site visibility and interaction.
    Semrush offers a broad suite of SEO tools beyond just audits, including capabilities for link building and content marketing, making it a valuable resource for streamlining your SEO efforts and saving time.

    • Intuitive dashboard design makes navigation and operation straightforward
    • Free 7-day trial allows you to explore features before committing
    • All plans come equipped with SEO alerts to keep you updated on crucial changes
    • Offers advanced features for deep dives into SEO data
    • Reports are customizable, providing flexibility in data presentation
    • The cost may be prohibitive for low-volume users
    • Access to historical data is restricted to higher-priced plans
    • The platform has a steep learning curve, especially for beginners


    Each tier is designed to meet different needs, from individual professionals to large businesses, making Semrush a versatile choice for various users.

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    Loganix – Best for Link Building

    Loganix logo

    Loganix provides valuable SEO insights that are both actionable and easy to understand, grounded in the latest trends and best practices to boost visibility and targeted traffic. Customers have the option to choose between two types of SEO audits. The Mini SEO Audit offers a basic assessment covering key SEO elements such as technical site structure, keywords, and competitor analysis. 

    For a more comprehensive evaluation, the Full SEO Audit explores additional areas like backlinks, content strategies, schema, and page speed, uncovering often missed opportunities for improvement.

    Clients have the flexibility to either implement Loganix’s recommendations in-house or opt for Loganix’s full suite of optimization services, delivered by a skilled team of SEO specialists, web developers, copywriters, and link builders.

    Loganix is committed to delivering prioritized and immediately actionable feedback. Their reports provide a detailed, section-by-section breakdown of issues identified, accompanied by straightforward instructions for resolution. They also offer a white-label report, allowing clients to easily pass the actionable insights on for implementation by any team. The standard turnaround time for SEO audits by Loganix is approximately 10 days, although more complex or tailored audits may take longer.

    This service is especially advantageous for businesses aiming to pinpoint their SEO priorities, enact improvements for better rankings, or rebound from significant traffic or conversion declines. It’s also suited for validating recommendations for clients, scaling fulfillment, or broadening SEO services.

    • High-quality service across all offerings
    • Consistent in meeting deadlines
    • Professional and positive customer interactions
    • Competitive pricing for each service
    • Well-regarded link-building service
    • Endorsements from SEO experts and large organizations
    • Integrated e-mail automation and autoresponder with third-party services
    • Available affiliate system
    • User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing dashboard
    • Link-building services are priced higher compared to other offerings
    • Service delivery can sometimes extend beyond expected timelines
    • Customer response rates can be unsatisfactory at times


    These audits provide a scalable solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence effectively and efficiently.

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    SE Ranking – Best All-In-One Software

    SE Ranking logo

    SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO platform equipped with a suite of tools designed to improve your website’s health and performance. This platform enables detailed analysis of keyword rankings, traffic monitoring, and provides valuable competitor insights, allowing you to refine your marketing strategies with a better understanding of the SEO landscape.

    A notable feature of SE Ranking is its white-label capability, which allows for the creation of customized SEO reports that can be branded and personalized to match your business identity, adding a professional edge to your presentations.

    SE Ranking’s robust toolkit includes essential features such as Keyword Rank Checks, which monitor and analyze keyword positions for your site and competitors, providing insights into SEO potential and historical data trends.

    The Website Health Audit assesses all your website pages, delivering a comprehensive report on technical performance and pinpointing errors, complete with actionable tips for enhancements. Competitor Analysis grants a deep dive into your competitors’ website traffic, keyword rankings, and other vital metrics in both organic and paid searches.

    The Backlinks Analysis tool scrutinizes any website’s backlink profile, detailing the dynamics of new and lost links, referring domains, anchor text distribution, and the most linked-to pages. These features collectively furnish you with extensive insights into your and your competitors’ SEO activities, empowering you to make informed decisions and boost your online visibility.

    • Comprehensive coverage of essential SEO tools
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • More affordable plan options are available for smaller budgets
    • Lead generator feature serves as an effective lead magnet
    • May not provide as extensive data or coverage compared to larger SEO platforms
    • Performance in local SEO data analysis could be stronger


    These tiered pricing options make SE Ranking a versatile choice for businesses of various sizes looking to enhance their SEO strategy effectively.

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    Mangools – Best for Affordability

    Mangools logo

    Mangools provides a cost-effective backlink auditing solution with a streamlined set of features compared to more comprehensive tools like Ahrefs. One of its standout features is KWFinder, a robust keyword research tool that offers great value, especially for those seeking an affordable alternative that includes both backlink auditing and keyword research capabilities.

    LinkMiner, another key tool within the Mangools suite, leverages Majestic’s API to access high-quality backlink data. It provides a detailed overview of backlinks and referring domains for any page or domain. Each link is accompanied by additional metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow (from Majestic), and Alexa rank, offering a comprehensive view of link quality.

    LinkMiner introduces an LS (Link Strength) score for each link, which is a composite measure designed to quickly assess the potency of a page’s backlink profile based on combined metrics. This feature simplifies the process of evaluating backlink effectiveness.

    The tool also allows users to easily filter between do-follow and no-follow links and apply various other filters to hone in on specific link types or qualities, enhancing the research process.

    • Excellent user interface and user experience (UI/UX) that’s clean and easy to navigate
    • Affordable pricing structure, making it accessible for smaller businesses or individual SEO practitioners
    • Offers unique and high-quality SEO tools that provide good value
    • Maintains a rich and reliable index of backlinks, ensuring data quality
    • The tool’s reliability can sometimes be inconsistent


    Mangools offers a tiered pricing model based on usage needs, including limits on backlink rows, SERPs lookups, and keyword lookups. Pricing starts at $49 per month for 100,000 backlink rows. There’s a 10-day free trial available, allowing potential users to test the tools before committing.

    Mangools is an excellent choice for those needing a more budget-friendly option for SEO tools that still offer significant functionality, particularly in keyword research and backlink analysis.

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    Serpstat – Best for Keyword Research 

    Serpstat logo

    Serpstat’s online SEO audit tool provides thorough SEO analyses and scans websites for technical issues with a simple click. This tool detects a variety of issues and sorts them by priority levels: high, medium, or low. Additionally, it offers an estimate of the site’s optimization through its Domain Optimization Score and monitors the optimization level’s growth dynamics over time.

    The tool provides targeted recommendations to improve page speeds on desktop and mobile, enhancing overall user experience. Users can export an Audit Summary report, which consolidates findings from all scanned pages into a single file for comprehensive review. 

    Serpstat also supports flexible scheduling for SEO audit options including weekly, daily, or on-demand triggers, with automated website crawling based on the selected schedule. Users receive email notifications once audits are complete.

    Serpstat allows users to access their SEO audit reports online and track progress on resolving issues. The platform includes a Technical SEO Guide to help users quickly identify page errors. Users can customize the scope of their scans by deciding the number of pages to check and setting specific scan parameters. The Page Audit Report gives a snapshot of campaign results, allowing for quick assessment.

    Additionally, Serpstat enables the creation of customized, detailed reports that can be saved as templates for future audits. The platform also promotes team collaboration by allowing multiple users to work together on projects efficiently.

    • Comprehensive SEO ranking capabilities
    • Affordable pricing structure
    • User-friendly interface, easy to navigate
    • Offers a free trial to test features before committing
    • Audit explanations can be overly technical, which may be challenging for beginners
    • Limited customization options in SEO reports, which might not meet all user needs


    Serpstat’s pricing tiers cater to different user groups, from individual SEO practitioners to large agencies, making it a versatile tool for a variety of SEO tasks and team sizes.

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    Rank Math – Best Free SEO Plugin

    Rankmath logo

    Rank Math SEO for WordPress is designed to streamline the SEO process by automating many labor-intensive tasks and facilitating comprehensive SEO audits with just a single click. This plugin conducts a thorough examination of a website’s SEO health, delivering findings in the SEO Audit Report. Key metrics such as the presence of an SSL certificate and the website’s Time to First Byte (TTFB), a crucial performance metric, are highlighted.

    Rank Math SEO seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console, automatically verifying the website’s linkage. It also simplifies the creation and management of Google-friendly sitemaps, ensuring they’re generated and accessible for auditing.

    The plugin evaluates the website’s mobile optimization and offers a preview of how the site will appear in mobile search results. With Rank Math SEO for WordPress, users can execute professional-level SEO audits swiftly, pinpointing and rectifying issues to enhance website growth effectively.

    • Smooth migration from previous SEO plugins without losing settings
    • Free version available, making it accessible to beginners
    • Lightweight plugin that doesn’t bog down your site
    • Integrates well with popular tools such as Google Analytics
    • Compatible with major page builders like Elementor and Divi
    • Offers competitive pricing across its plans
    • Comes with pre-installed settings for ease of use right out of the box
    • Excellent customer support to assist users
    • Features instant indexing to help websites rank quickly
    • Doesn’t support FAQ & Table of Contents features in Classic Editor
    • Limited AI credits, which may restrict advanced optimizations
    • Some features may go unnoticed during installation due to a lack of prompts or highlights


    These tiered pricing options make Rank Math SEO a viable choice for various types of users, from individual bloggers to large agencies looking for an efficient and effective SEO solution.

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    How We Picked the Best SEO Audit Tools

    Navigating the landscape of SEO tool categories can involve a bit of nuanced distinction. Terms like SEO audit software, SEO rank trackers, keyword research tools, and general SEO tools often overlap. This is because companies that excel in one area of SEO typically perform well in others due to integrated functionalities and shared technologies.

    That said, everyone has their criteria, but here’s what I prioritized when searching for the best SEO audit tools:

    • Dedicated Audit Features: The ideal tool should either focus primarily on SEO auditing or include a dedicated auditing dashboard within a broader suite of SEO tools.
    • Multiple SEO-Related Metrics: A top-notch audit tool must provide comprehensive data across various SEO metrics, including page speed, traffic, user behavior, and keyword usage, to give a rounded view of SEO performance.
    • Scoring with Actionable SEO Insights: It’s crucial that the tool not only scores your SEO performance but also offers actionable insights. These should be detailed in an exportable report, making it easy to follow up on recommendations.
    • Reputability: The provider of the SEO tool should have a strong reputation in the industry. They should be transparent about their scoring methodologies and rely on reputable data sources, such as Google Search Console, for their metrics.

    I’ve personally tested each app on this list and can confirm they meet these criteria. I’ve evaluated many others and researched extensively in the SEO tool space over the past several months. While you might have different preferences or priorities, I can assure you that each tool selected has proven to be effective and should significantly support your SEO auditing efforts.

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    Best SEO Audit Tools – Buyer’s Guide

    Why should you use SEO Audit tools?

    Technical SEO audits are crucial for optimizing website performance, yet they can be quite overwhelming for beginners in SEO. A basic but effective SEO audit tool that pinpoints technical issues on your website can significantly enhance its functionality and performance.

    SEO audit tools are instrumental in expanding your search traffic, analyzing competitors, and gaining a competitive edge in your niche. It’s not uncommon for even well-known websites within the marketing sphere to encounter bizarre technical SEO problems.

    Using an SEO audit tool allows you to detect these issues early before they’re identified by Google’s crawlers, which could negatively affect your search rankings if unaddressed.

    These tools also help you manage essential SEO tasks effectively:

    • Redirects and Canonicalization: They enable you to set up proper redirects and choose a preferred domain version, which helps avoid duplicate content issues that can harm SEO.
    • Security Threats: You can identify malicious link injections that could divert your traffic and take steps to eliminate them, safeguarding your site’s integrity.
    • Competitive Analysis: SEO audit tools provide the capability to conduct technical comparisons with your competitors. By understanding their SEO strategies, you can adapt and refine your approach to outperform them.

    Overall, SEO audit tools not only help you fix and fine-tune your website to meet technical SEO standards but also give you insights into competitive strategies, offering a comprehensive way to improve your online presence.

    What Makes an SEO Audit Tool Great? A Checklist

    Before we get into the specific tools, let’s establish what separates the best from the rest. Here’s what to look for:

    • Comprehensive site crawling and indexing
    • Technical SEO analysis (site speed, mobile friendliness, schema markup, etc.)
    • On-page SEO checks (title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, content optimization)
    • Internal and external link analysis
    • Competitor benchmarking
    • Keyword research and ranking data
    • Intuitive interface and reporting
    • Integration with other SEO and marketing tools

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    SEO Audit Best Practices 

    Before you begin, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some best practices for conducting SEO audits.

    Conduct Regular Audits

    The frequency of your audits should align with how often you update your website and publish new content. Typically, performing an SEO audit once a month or once a quarter is effective. SEO is an ongoing process, and regular audits help you quickly identify and resolve emerging issues, ensuring your site remains optimized.

    Understand the Metrics

    It’s important to grasp the significance of the metrics provided in your audit report. Many are unique or proprietary to the specific SEO tool you’re using. For instance, Semrush’s Site Audit tool calculates a “Site Health” score based on the number and severity of errors and warnings found. Understanding these metrics will enable you to make informed decisions about your website’s SEO strategies.

    Leverage Integrations

    Utilizing integrations can enhance the depth and breadth of your SEO audits by pulling in valuable data from external sources. Many SEO tools, such as Semrush’s Site Audit and On-Page SEO Checker, allow for integrations with platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Looker Studio. These integrations provide additional insights and data, making your audits more comprehensive and actionable.

    Integrating SEO Audit Data with Other Marketing Efforts

    SEO is interconnected with other marketing channels, and integrating your audit findings across these areas can significantly enhance your overall strategy:

    • Utilize insights on content gaps and keywords to refine your content marketing approach.
    • Implement technical adjustments and speed enhancements to boost user experience and conversion rates.
    • Use competitor analysis from your SEO audits to fine-tune your paid search campaigns.
    • Create dashboards to display crucial metrics, facilitating data sharing and collaboration among different teams.

    Using Competitive Intelligence to Complement SEO Audits

    Conducting audits on your own site is essential, but it’s also important to keep an eye on your competitors. Tools such as SpyFu enable you to:

    • Examine your competitors’ keywords, rankings, and backlink strategies
    • Discover content gaps and opportunities for link-building
    • Monitor your market share’s growth over time
    • Compare your performance with that of the industry leaders

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    Best SEO Audit Tools – FAQs


    SEO tools are invaluable resources during any SEO audit, yet it’s crucial to remember that not all tools are created equal. To ensure that recommendations are applicable and relevant, it’s important to level the playing field among the different tools based on their individual strengths and limitations.

    Each tool comes with its own set of quirks and potential issues, which you may need to become familiar with to use them effectively. If you encounter conflicting information from different tools, a deeper investigation may be necessary to understand the discrepancies. Not every issue flagged by a tool is a genuine concern further analysis may reveal that some flagged points aren’t actual problems.

    The essence of a technical SEO audit transcends the tools used; it’s fundamentally an analytical task. While tools can provide essential data and insights, it’s your expertise and judgment as an SEO professional that enable you to interpret and act on that information effectively. The effectiveness of an audit hinges on the skill and knowledge of the auditor.

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