7 Best Answering Services in 2024

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    In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, effective communication is very important for the thriving of businesses. Prompt and professional responses to incoming calls, inquiries, and messages, are very crucial aspects of business communication.

    The importance of proper and efficient communication brings about answering services. Answering services offer businesses a convenient and efficient way to handle customer interactions.

    If you are looking to deploy the best-answering service for your business, you are on the right page. In this article, we will explore the best answering services in 2023 that are helping businesses to maximize their service and product offerings to customers.

    Best Answering Services

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    Quick Verdict

    AnswerConnect: Best Overall Answering Services

    AnswerConnect is an awesome all-around functionality answering service, the service provides users with robust tools for managing and keeping their business human 24/7.

    AnswerConnect offers pricing plans that suit major brands across industries, with the provision for always attending to your customers all round.

    The wide range of services and service tools provided by AnswerConnect puts it top, as the best answering services provider in our review. 

    7 Top Answering Services in 2023

    AnswerConnect logo

    AnswerConnect: Best overall answering services

    AnswerConnect is a leading answering service provider known for its comprehensive range of services and exceptional customer support.

    With a team of highly trained receptionists, they offer live answering services to ensure that every call is handled professionally and promptly. AnswerConnect also provides automated answering solutions. 

    Customer Support

    AnswerConnect places a strong emphasis on exceptional customer support. Their team of professional receptionists undergoes rigorous training to provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance to callers.

    With a commitment to customer satisfaction, AnswerConnect looks to always deliver a personalized and positive experience to every caller.

    Live Answering

    AnswerConnect offers live answering services to users, ensuring that callers are greeted by a real person rather than an automated system.

    Their skilled receptionists handle calls in real-time, providing personalized attention and addressing inquiries promptly. This feature allows businesses to maintain a human touch and create a favorable impression on callers.

    Automated Answering

    AnswerConnect offers automated answering solutions. These include customizable IVR systems that allow callers to navigate through menus and reach the appropriate department or service.

    The automated answering feature efficiently handles high call volumes and ensures callers can access the information they need quickly.

    Cost Of AnswerConnect 

    AnswerConnect has a starting price of $325 per month and an additional $49.99 setup fee.

    Why We Chose AnswerConnect: We chose AnswerConnect because of its robust service offerings to users.

    • You have access to it 24/7/365 
    • You have access to phone answering and live chat answering services
    • You can book an appointment 
    • You get a detailed recording of calls
    • You do not have free trials
    • The service is expensive
    Specialty Answering Service logo

    Specialty Answering Service: Best for offering great value for money  

    Specialty Answering Service stands out for its specialization in delivering tailored answering services to businesses across various industries.

    Their team of virtual receptionists offers live answering, ensuring that callers receive personalized attention and assistance. SAS charges users no extra fees for calls during the weekend but charges $139 for 100 minutes per month.  

    Customer Support

    Specialty Answering Service prides itself on delivering exceptional customer support. SAS understands the importance of personalized interactions and has a team of trained people to always help your business. 

    Live Answering

    Specialty Answering Service provides live answering services with its team of virtual receptionists. These receptionists are available 24/7, ensuring that calls are answered promptly and professionally at any time of the day.

    By offering live answering, Specialty Answering Service helps businesses create a reliable and accessible communication channel for their customers.

    Automated Answering

    Specialty Answering Service offers automated answering features. This includes interactive voice response systems that provide callers with menu options to reach their desired department or service. The automated answering feature ensures efficient call routing and improved caller experience.

    Cost Of Specialty Answering Service 

    Specialty answering service is priced at $34 per month, with an added $1.29 per minute and a $50 setup fee

    Why We Chose Specialty Answering Service

    We chose Specialty answering service because of its competitive service levels from flexibility in functionality.

    • You do not get charged toll fees
    • Users can enjoy a 14-day trial, with no credit card required
    • Month-to-month billing, with no contract, is allowed, meaning you can cancel your plan anytime
    • Geo-tagging is not available 
    • The Ivr support messages are basic canned messages
    VoiceNation logo

    VoiceNation: Best business bilingual call answering service 

    VoiceNation is a renowned answering service provider that excels in delivering live answering solutions and exceptional customer service. VoiceNation has a sleek mobile app that guarantees users good value for their purchase and play purchase. 

    VoiceNation also offers automated answering features, including customizable IVR systems, to efficiently handle calls and provide messaging options to users. 

    Customer Support

    VoiceNation is committed to delivering excellent customer support. Their team of virtual receptionists is trained to provide professional and personalized assistance to users. The customer support of VoiceNation has dedicated English and Spanish respondents.

    Live Answering

    VoiceNation offers live answering services, enabling businesses to provide real-time assistance to their callers. This is despite the fact that VoiceNation does not have a virtual attendant.

    Automated Answering

    VoiceNation provides automated answering solutions to handle high call volumes and streamline call management. They offer customizable messaging that allows callers to navigate through menu options to reach the desired department or service.

    Cost Of VoiceNation 

    VoiceNation offers plans from $30 per month, then pay as you go in minutes.

    Why We Chose VoiceNation 

    We chose VoiceNation because it has bilingual capabilities and can be deployed across a wide range of industries.

    • VoiceNation is affordable for any kind of business
    • Users get a 7-day free trial 
    • The service provider has automatic screening for solicitations and robocalls
    • The pay-as-you-go-for-minutes cost is on the high end
    • Occasional transcription errors 
    PATLive logo

    PATLive: Best virtual receptionist services provider  

    PATLive is a reputable answering service known for its focus on customer support and live answering solutions through the use of phone communication. PATLive is built as a pure-play phone answering service. 

    Customer Support

    PATLive focuses on providing exceptional customer support through the use of phone call support. 

    Live Answering

    Live answering is not a forte of PATLive, but the answering service compensates for that with the best phone answering service.

    Automated Answering

    In addition, to live answering, PATLive provides automated answering features. This includes customizable IVR systems that guide callers through menu options to reach the appropriate department or service. The automated answering feature helps manage high call volumes efficiently and enhances the overall caller experience.

    Cost Of PATLive 

    The pricing plan for PATLive starts from $59 per month, and then an additional $2.29 per minute.

    Why We Chose PATLive 

    We chose PATLive because of the excellent virtual assistant services they provide. 

    • 7 days free trial
    • Even registration is supported  
    • A customized client onboarding process
    • Cost is on the high side compared to others that are similar
    • No IVR channels 
    Davinci logo

    Davinci: Best answering service for remote companies

    Davinci offers comprehensive answering services with a focus on live answering and personalized customer support. Davinci offers the best virtual office services to companies.

    With Davinci, companies or individuals can hook up with a business address in major global hubs, and have mail forwarding services, on-demand meeting rooms, and workspace for rent.

    Customer Support

    Davinci is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer support. They have a team of professional receptionists who offer friendly and knowledgeable assistance to callers.

    Their customer-centric approach ensures that businesses and their customers receive the support they need to enhance communication and build strong relationships.

    Live Answering

    Davinci offers live answering services, ensuring that callers are greeted by a live person who can address their inquiries in real-time. Their receptionists handle calls professionally, providing a personalized touch and ensuring that businesses never miss important calls.

    Automated Answering

    Davinci also provides automated answering features to streamline call management. The automated answering feature helps Davinci users to handle high call volumes effectively and ensures that callers are directed to the appropriate departments or services.

    Cost Of Davinci 

    Davinci reportedly cost $129 per month, contact support to ascertain the actual plan price, because the cost is not disclosed.

    Why We Chose Davinci 

    We chose Davinci because it is perfect for fully remote companies and company branches are in other countries. 

    • Conference phone call handling   
    • Access to customized call flows
    • Access to unlimited long-distance calling
    • Auto receptionist service is provided with customizable greetings, gingles, and customer messages
    • Shady pricing plans 
    • Tacky outdated looking mobile app
    MAP Communications logo

    MAP Communications: Best for custom scripting of calls 

    MAP Communications is a well-established answering service provider, MAP is an employee-owned establishment. This means that everyone that works at MAP has a stake in the company. The company has three main customer support services including general answering, call center, and virtual receptionist.

    Customer Support

    MAP Communications is committed to delivering exceptional customer support. MAP has a team of virtual receptionists who undergo extensive training to provide friendly and professional assistance to callers. MA,s dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that businesses and their callers receive the support they need.

    Live Answering

    MAP Communications offers live answering services with its team of virtual receptionists. These receptionists are available 24/7 to answer calls, providing personalized attention and prompt assistance.

    Automated Answering

    While specializing in live answering, MAP Communications also offers automated answering solutions. This includes interactive voice response systems that allow callers to navigate through menu options and reach their desired department or service. The automated answering feature enhances call routing efficiency and improves caller experience.

    Cost Of Map Communications 

    MAP Communications offers plans for membership with the cost starting from $47 per month, and then an additional $1.37 per minute. 

    Why We Chose Map Communications

    We chose MAP because with MAP Communications you do not have any problems with custom scripting of calls, regardless of your offense.

    • Well-trained bilingual operators
    • Super fast onboarding time compared to similar services
    • E-commerce business support services
    • You are charged extra fees during the holiday season
    • Lack of live chat
    Moneypenny logo

    Moneypenny: Best for excellent global customer support

    Moneypenny is a reputable answering service provider in the UK and the US. Moneypenny is a UK-based answering service provider, with a branch in America and an international presence. Small businesses using Moneypenny use the phone answering service to run all aspects of their businesses. 

    Customer Support

    Moneypenny places a strong emphasis on delivering excellent customer support. They have a team of trained receptionists who provide professional and friendly assistance to callers. 

    Live Answering

    Moneypenny offers live answering services with their team of receptionists. These receptionists are trained to handle calls with professionalism and attentiveness, ensuring that callers receive personalized attention and prompt assistance. 

    Automated Answering

    Moneypenny provides automated answering features. They offer customizable IVR systems that guide callers through menu options to reach their desired destination.

    Cost Of Moneypenny 

    The Moneypenny price plan starts from $129 per month for up to 30 minutes.

    Why We Chose Moneypenny 

    Best for start-ups that have lean support devices, the same applies to bigger companies. Moneypenny was also chosen because of the high level of support Moneypenny provides to their customers.

    • Excellent call handling across industries 
    • Integration with standard operating workflows is seamless
    • Availability of level 4 PCI compliance for secure data processing
    • You have to put in a notice a month before canceling your plan if you wish to cancel your membership
    • Support services may cost you extra charges

    Key Features to Look for in Answering Services 

    In considering and deciding the best answering services for your business, you must consider several key features.

    These crucial features of answering services will help you determine the suitability of the answering service for your business. Some of the main features to look out for in answering services include: 

    Customer Support

    A top-notch answering service should excel in customer support, understanding that exceptional service extends beyond answering calls. Look for providers that prioritize customer satisfaction, offer professional and friendly receptionists, and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding support to callers.

    Live Answering

    Live answering is a fundamental feature of any answering service. It involves real-time call handling by trained receptionists who can interact with your callers, provide information, take messages, or even process orders.

    Live answering ensures that your customers receive personalized attention and immediate assistance, enhancing their overall experience.

    Automated Answering

    While live answering is vital, automated answering features can complement and enhance the service.

    Automated systems can handle high call volumes, provide basic information to callers, offer menu options for different inquiries, or route calls to appropriate departments. This feature streamlines call management and improves efficiency.

    Multi-Level IVR

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with multiple levels enable callers to navigate through a menu of options to reach their desired department or service. This feature ensures that calls are directed to the right personnel or department, reducing the need for call transfers and minimizing customer frustration

    Message Taking

    Effective message-taking is essential for capturing accurate and detailed information from callers. Look for answering services that offer reliable message-taking capabilities, allowing callers to leave messages with pertinent details.

    Providers should ensure that messages are accurately transcribed and promptly forwarded to the appropriate recipient or department.

    Appointment Scheduling

    For businesses that rely on scheduling appointments, having an answering service that can manage appointment bookings is invaluable.

    Look for providers that offer appointment scheduling services, enabling callers to book, modify, or cancel appointments conveniently. This feature helps streamline your scheduling processes and ensures appointments are managed efficiently.

    Data Analysis Features

    Analyzing call data can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, call volumes, peak hours, and more. Look for answering services that offer robust data analysis features, such as call analytics and reporting.

    These features can help you identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your call management strategies.

    Call Routing/Forwarding

    Call routing or forwarding features allow calls to be directed to specific individuals or departments based on predefined rules.

    This ensures that calls are efficiently handled by the appropriate personnel, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Look for answering services that offer flexible call routing options tailored to your business needs.

    Call Recording and Scripting

    Call recording enables you to capture and review conversations for quality assurance, training purposes, or compliance requirements. Scripting features allow receptionists to follow predefined scripts, ensuring consistent messaging and professionalism.

    These features are especially beneficial for industries with strict regulatory standards or businesses that require thorough documentation.

    How to Choose the Right Answering Services for Your Business

    Deciding the right answering service for your business growth and optimal operation. To select an answering service for your business you need to have a critical analysis of your business needs, and what the answering service is offering as a solution to your business.

    To choose the appropriate answering service for your business consider these factors: 

    Knowledge of Your Company

    When deciding what answering service to use, choose one that has a strong understanding of your industry and business requirements. The answering service should be very well-versed in the terminology, processes, and unique needs of your company.

    An answering service provider with industry-specific knowledge should be well-equipped to handle calls effectively, provide accurate information, and professionally represent your brand.

    Security of Your Information

    Data security is of utmost importance when selecting an answering service. Inquire about the measures the provider has in place to protect your sensitive information.

    Ask about their data encryption protocols, employee training on data handling, and compliance with relevant regulations (such as HIPAA for healthcare-related businesses).

    Choosing a provider with robust security measures will give you peace of mind that your customer’s data is safe.

    Functionality for Your Business

    Consider the specific features and functionality offered by the answering service and evaluate how they align with your business needs. For example, if you require appointment scheduling, ensure the service can handle this task efficiently.

    If multilingual support is essential, verify if the provider can accommodate that requirement. Assess whether their technology integrates with your existing systems and if they offer real-time reporting or message delivery options that suit your workflow.

    Quality of Customer Support

    Evaluate the provider’s approach to customer support. Inquire about the training processes for their receptionists and their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

    Look for providers that prioritize professionalism, friendliness, and attentiveness in their call handling. Reach out to the answering service you wish to use, and reach out to customer support, which helps you to gauge the service responsiveness and efficiency.

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Examine the scalability and flexibility of the answering service you wish to use. Ensure the service accommodates your business’s growth and changing needs.

    Determine if the service provider can adjust call volumes, add or remove services, and modify scripts and instructions as your business requirements evolve. A flexible service provider will be able to adapt to your changing business landscape.

    Implementing Answering Services: Tips for Success

    In implementing answering services for your business, successful implementation is important to the functioning of the answering service. To successfully implement your business answering service, here are useful tips to deploy:

    Clearly Define Objectives and Expectations

    Before implementing an answering service, clearly define your objectives and expectations. Determine the specific goals you want to achieve, such as improving customer satisfaction, reducing missed calls, or enhancing call handling efficiency.

    By having a clear understanding of your desired outcomes, you can effectively communicate your expectations to the answering service provider and align their services with your business needs.

    Choose the Right Answering Service Provider

    Selecting the right answering service provider is crucial for a successful implementation. Evaluate different providers based on their reputation, experience, customer reviews, and the specific services they offer.

    Look for providers that align with your industry requirements, provide excellent customer support, and offer customizable solutions. Conduct thorough research and even consider requesting trial periods to assess their compatibility with your business.

    Collaborate and Communicate Effectively

    Establish open lines of communication and collaborate closely with the answering service provider. Clearly communicate your business processes, call handling protocols, and any specific instructions or scripts that are essential for representing your brand accurately.

    Regularly communicate with the provider to provide feedback, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to optimize their services for your business.

    Monitor Performance and Provide Feedback

    Regularly monitor the performance of the answering service to ensure they are meeting your expectations. Assess call quality, customer feedback, and any key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business objectives.

    Provide constructive feedback to the answering service provider to address any areas for improvement or make necessary adjustments to call handling procedures. Open communication and feedback loops will help fine-tune the service and achieve the desired outcomes.

    Continuously Evaluate and Adapt

    Implementing an answering service is not a one-time task. Continuously evaluate its effectiveness and adapt as needed.

    Monitor customer satisfaction levels, call volume trends, and changes in business requirements. Regularly review your objectives and assess whether the answering service is still aligned with your evolving needs.

    If necessary, consider adjusting service levels, expanding or contracting the scope of services, or even exploring alternative providers to ensure your answering service remains a valuable asset for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Answering services are very important in the function they perform for businesses across several industries. Given the importance of the answering services, you need to consider the features offered by any answering service before you deploy such to run your business answering services. 

    AnswerConnect is top of the answering services we reviewed, this is because of the robust range of services it offers. If you are unable to afford AnswerConnect or you do not like it, you can try any of the other answering services, we have reviewed to serve your business customer and partner relations faster and more efficiently.