7 Best B2B Data Providers in 2024

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    You need a lot of leads and the correct contact information when building a sales pipeline for your company. B2B data providers have access to hundreds of millions of individuals and information from other organizations you may never obtain otherwise. Here are the best B2B data providers to use when creating new revenue streams.

    Best B2B Data Providers

    • ZoomInfoBest Overall
    • UpLeadBest for Data Accuracy
    • ClearbitBest for Dynamic Profiling
    • Lead411Best for Data Intent
    • AdaptBest for Data Update Alerts
    • LushaBest for Safety and Compliance
    • DatanyzeBest for Chrome Users

    When picking out the best B2B data providers, we first looked at how much they charge for their services. Next, we studied the data types they share and the number of data points the platform has access to. Finally, we investigated how accurate their data is and which software they integrate with to optimize your business flow.

    You can find a more detailed explanation of our methodology here.

    Data Provider


    Available Data Types

    Number of Data Points

    Data Accuracy


    Must call for pricing

    Company profiles, verified phone numbers, headcounts, org charts

    Over 600 million

    Frequent checks for changes in data

    Integrates with popular CRM software

    From $0 to $299 per month

    Names, emails, phone numbers, company profiles

    Over 135 million

    95% accuracy guarantee, verifies data in real-time

    API, ties to Slack, Asana, Adobe, CRM software

    Must call for a quote

    Pull in data based on role, seniority, revenue, location, tech, and more

    Over 389 million

    Checks every 30 days, 94% email deliverability

    CRM software, Zapier, Intercom, and much more

    $900 or $4,500 per year

    Direct dials, email addresses, company intelligence news

    Over 450 million

    Up to 96% accuracy, data reverified every 90 days

    Integrates with over 25 CRMs

    Must fill out form on website

    Company numbers, mobile numbers, email, location, level

    Over 145 million

    Checks for new data roughly once per month

    Some CRM integrations, API

    From $0 to $51/user per month

    Direct dials, email addresses, full profiles, location, role

    Over 100 million

    Approximately 81%

    Connects with sales engagement platforms, CRMs, Gmail and Outlook

    From $21 to $39 per month

    Email addresses, direct dial, mobile numbers

    120 million

    Offers refunds for any inaccuracies

    No integrations

    ZoomInfo logo

    Zoominfo: Best Overall B2B Data Provider

    Must call for pricing


    There are over 600 million contacts and 135 million verified phone numbers to sift through after signing up for Zoominfo. The data provider verifies all its data and checks frequently for updates so you can bank on having the freshest information.

    When you’re ready to reach out to prospects, Zoominfo integrates with several popular CRMs to facilitate the process. Although its database is enormous, it does sometimes miss out on contact information from smaller companies.

    Why we chose it: Zoominfo has well over 600 million carefully vetted data points and links seamlessly with your favorite CRM software to take your company to the next level.

    • Over 600 million professional profiles
    • Verifies contact data
    • Integrates with popular CRMs
    • Unclear pricing
    • Misses some smaller company data
    • Lacks some filtering options

    Pricing: Zoominfo has separate pricing for its sales and marketing OS, each providing some contact data to build your pipeline. For whatever reason, it doesn’t display costs for a subscription anywhere on its site. There is a limited free option available, but you have to give up your own company’s data to access it.

    Available Data Types

    You’ll get a ton of info through the Zoominfo database. Alongside company profiles, you can peruse office locations, headcounts, and revenue numbers. Digging a little deeper, you’ll find employees’ contact information, titles, and org charts.

    Number of Data Points

    There are a total of 600 million professional profiles stored within Zoominfo’s database. This data links to email addresses and 135 million verified phone numbers to grow your sales pipeline.

    Data Accuracy

    Zoominfo doesn’t specify exactly how often it checks for new data, but it does so frequently. It verifies information before publishing and looks for changes that may reveal outdated particulars.


    You can connect Zoominfo with popular CRM software to save time and reduce errors as you transfer data. This includes Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, PipeDrive, and more. It also links up with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and the like for one-on-one connections.

    UpLead logo

    Uplead: Best B2B Data Provider for Data Accuracy

    From $0 to $299 per month


    Users choose Uplead because of its 95% accuracy guarantee on data and stay for its other cool features. Even as you’re clicking on an email, the data provider verifies it in real-time to ensure your message is going to the right place.

    If you have some programming experience, it’s possible to use the built-in API to integrate your setup with your favorite means of contacting customers.

    Why we chose it: Uplead may not have the most contacts, but its 95% accuracy guarantee ensures you’re getting the best data available.

    • 95% accuracy guarantee
    • Verifies data in real-time
    • Seamless API connections with other software
    • Cumbersome menu
    • On the pricey side
    • Customer service could be better

    Pricing: You can test drive Uplead for free and still enjoy many of the system’s perks, but you’re severely limited on transferring data to your CRM. To solve the problem, you’ll want to upgrade to Essentials for $74/month, Plus for $149, or Professional for $299. Plus adds in some cool enrichment API, and Professional opens the platform up to more than one user.

    Available Data Types

    Uplead stores millions of company profiles and the people within those organizations. As you drill down, you’ll expose employee contact information and their role. There are more than 50 search filters you can use to find exactly what you need.

    Number of Data Points

    The team at Uplead focuses on data accuracy and less on the number of data points it has. That said, it still has an impressive 135 million contacts you’ll have access to. It has access to 16 million companies from over 200 countries across the globe.

    Data Accuracy

    Accuracy is the name of the game for Uplead. The site frequently checks for changes in employee information to maintain a 95% accuracy rate. To take that one step further, it will verify the email address you’re clicking on in real-time to ensure your message goes to the right place.


    Uplead has built-in API for data enrichment as you look for company and employee information. The data provider has a long list of CRMs it integrates with, from Salesforce to Hubspot, Insightly, and other top names. Through Zapier, you’ll be able to share data with over 1,500 other apps as well.

    Clearbit logo

    Clearbit: Best B2B Data Provider for Dynamic Prospecting

    Must call for a quote


    With over 400 million contacts to sift through, there’s a lot of data stored in Clearbit’s servers. Luckily, the platform has more than 100 filters to move through data quickly and help you identify the best people to contact at each company. It refreshes data every 30 days so your chances of having accurate information are as high as possible.

    Why we chose it: In a sea of people, Clearbit’s 100+ filters help you locate the right people in record time.

    • Over 100 filters to track down prospects
    • Nearly 400 million contacts
    • Refreshes data every 30 days
    • Pricing information is not transparent
    • Struggles with smaller companies
    • No direct dialing

    Pricing: There’s absolutely no indication of pricing on the Clearbit website. The data provider does have a free account you or your team can use to locate a limited number of contacts each month. Otherwise, you’ll need to make a phone call to build a plan that suits your business and find out what the costs will be.

    Available Data Types

    Thanks to so many filters, you can grab data based on role, location, technology, seniority, and a whole lot more. Once you locate a client, Clearbit will provide phone numbers, email, and social media tags as it finds them.

    Number of Data Points

    Clearbit has access to 50 million company records and the teams within. Right now, it has a total of 389 million contact records pulled from 250 public and private sources.

    Data Accuracy

    Data changes quickly, and Clearbit realizes this. It performs a complete dataset refresh every 30 days to clean out the old and bring in the new. On average, the platform adds 30,000 companies each time a refresh occurs.


    It comes as no surprise that Clearbit assimilates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and other big-name CRM software companies. You can also partner with Intercom for stronger customer relationships or Slack to organize your operations. If that’s not enough, Clearbit uses Zapier to give access to an additional 1,000 web tools.


    Lead411: Best Overall Data Provider for Data Intent

    $900 or $4,500 per year


    Lead411 features Bombora Intent Data for finding you the best contacts. As you collect data, the system pulls out the best names for you to reach out to first. The vast majority of these have direct dials, making them easier to touch base with than ever.

    Surfing with the Google Chrome extension allows you to bring in even more data points as you poke around your favorite sites. These tools are impressive, but they do not come cheap.

    Why we chose it: Lead411’s data intent system learns your company’s needs and will find the best prospects for you to target.

    • Automatically filter prospects with data intent
    • More direct dials than any other platform
    • Chrome extension for collecting data
    • Pricey plans
    • Several expensive add-ons
    • Lackluster tech support

    Pricing: Use of Lead411’s B2B data searches will set you back $900 per year with a set number of contacts you can locate. If you’re looking for the power of Intent Data, you’ll have to shell out $4,500 per year. The price jump also includes additional searches and lead scoring.

    Available Data Types

    Any time you search for contacts, you can bank on verified email addresses and direct phone numbers. Lead411 also tries to gather information on the company and information that may help your sales cause.

    Number of Data Points

    There are 450 million data points in Lead411’s bag, representing 60 million businesses. With so much information, its Data Intent capabilities really shine.

    Data Accuracy

    Lead411 is the only platform of its kind to triple-verify email addresses and double-verify phone numbers. Many of these checks are done manually. It reverifies everything every 90 days or so to help ensure accurate data.


    With the click of a button, you can integrate Lead411 with more than 25 CRMs. The platforms share data so you don’t have to, removing user error and freeing up untold amounts of time.

    Adapt logo

    Adapt: Best B2B Data Provider for Update Alerts

    Must fill out form on website


    People change jobs on the fly these days, and Adapt works hard to stay on top of those movements. It crunches through over five million data points each day for accuracy and can send alerts when one of your contact’s information changes.

    The service also offers real time data verification when you’re in the thick of things. Choose from at least 25 data attributes during your searches to narrow down your results.

    Why we chose it: Adapt’s unique alert system notifies you of job changes so your contact list stays fresh and accurate.

    • Adapt Alerts for precise job changes
    • Real time data verification
    • Over 25 data attributes to filter through
    • Limited out of the box integrations
    • Less contacts than the competition
    • Can be challenging to use

    Pricing: Like so many others, Adapt doesn’t want to share its pricing information on its website. You’ll need to fill out the form with basic information to receive a quote. It’s a tedious process and could be made easier with service tiers.

    Available Data Types

    Adapt has some 25 data attributes to focus on or ignore as you search for prospects. Among company numbers, email, and a person’s location, you may even luck out with some mobile numbers or direct dials.

    Number of Data Points

    You’re looking at around 145 million data points with Adapt, spread out across the planet. Over 58 millon contacts exist in North America alone. Adapt verifies most leads, but it does lack a bit on its database.

    Data Accuracy

    The B2B data provider refreshes five million contacts per day. This averages out to a full overhaul approximately every month. Adapt does do a good job of verifying phone numbers and email addresses in real time so you don’t end up with the wrong contact.


    Adapt doesn’t talk much about integrations, but it does get along well with a number of CRM software out there. Its API allows you to integrate Adapt contact data from its repository to any one of your workflows.

    Lusha logo

    Lusha: Best B2B Data Provider for Security and Compliance

    From $0 to $51/user per month


    Lusha leaves nothing to chance, obtaining compliance from two major independent auditors and embracing the highest international privacy standard in the world. It carries several other certifications to prove its ability to keep sensitive information safe.

    The platform also comes with a powerful API toolkit that’s surprisingly easy to use. Pricing doesn’t look bad at a glance, but keep in mind what you pay is per user.

    Why we chose it: Keep your data safe with Lusha, the only B2B data provider with CCPA and GDPR compliance and ISO 27701 accreditation.

    • CCPA and GDPR compliant
    • Accredited under ISO 27701
    • Powerful API tools
    • Lower accuracy rates
    • Only 100 million contacts
    • Pricing is per user

    Pricing: Through Lusha’s free plan, you’re stuck with just a few searches per month and only basic business data. The Pro plan at $29/user per month adds in more contact management features and allows for way more searching. Should you need even more capabilities, the Premium plan costs $51/user each month.

    Available Data Types

    Lusha may not have a ton of contacts, but it does provide direct dials where possible. You’ll also get email addresses and full employee profiles with role, revenue, and location as it’s available.

    Number of Data Points

    One hundred million data points isn’t a lot compared to the other B2B data providers on here, but that’s still a significant amount of contacts. Thanks to enhanced security measures, you can be sure everything’s on the level and carefully validated.

    Data Accuracy

    There’s no indication of how often Lusha updates its list of contacts. At 81% accuracy, it is lower than what some of the other big names choose to do. It does add new businesses to its growing list every day.


    It’s easy to boost your efficiency with Lusha’s integrations. You can link up to most CRM and sales enrichment software systems to carefully control your pipeline. The site also partners with Gmail and Outlook for quick communication with prospects.

    Datanyze logo

    Datanyze: Best B2B Data Provider for Ease of Use

    From $21 to $39 per month


    Prospecting can be tedious, but with Datanyze, it will never be slow. Its system is intuitive to get you searching and processing requests with lightning speed. The Chrome extension collects data as you browse social media, saving you time and energy.

    A 90-day free trial gives you the reigns to the software, albeit at a very limited rate. Datanyze could do better with some integrations that allow the transfer of data to your CRM or sales software.

    Why we chose it: Datanyze’s sleek and speedy interface makes locating prospects as easy as possible.

    • Fast and intuitive
    • Chrome extension pulls data as you surf
    • 90-day free trial
    • No integrations
    • Misses some smaller company data
    • Chrome extension can have issues

    Pricing: Your monthly fee for Datanyze ranges between $21 and $39 depending on the plan you choose. There’s no difference between the two except for the number of credits you receive to hunt for data. The latter offers twice as many for a slight savings on the monthly cost.

    Available Data Types

    As the data comes pouring in, you’ll get to wade through email addresses, direct dials, or potentially even mobile numbers. While somewhat simplistic, these specific data points expedite searches and do away with criteria you don’t ultimately need.

    Number of Data Points

    You’re looking at around 120 million contacts stored in Datanyze’s database to date. The Chrome extension allows the platform to gather data from your social media searches and put phone numbers and email addresses with faces.

    Data Accuracy

    There’s no talk about how often Datanyze cleans up its data, but the service has an unprecedented refund policy for inaccuracies. Any time you uncover incorrect information, the site promises a refund.


    Datanyze may not integrate with your CRM software, but it still collaborates with LinkedIn and other social media sites. As you surf with the Chrome extension, the B2B data provider will automatically collect data from contacts you’re interested in.

    What Are B2B Data Providers?

    B2B data providers seek out and share information on other businesses with your organization. The data they provide includes an assortment of demographics about the company itself and the employees within.

    Most of the time, companies after business data are searching for a means to make connections for sales and marketing purposes. Common points of contact are through business email addresses and direct dial or mobile phone numbers.

    Many B2B data providers go a step further. They’ll help uncover roles employees hold so you find the right people to talk to. Learning who the key decision-makers are offers the best chance at landing a deal.

    Benefits of Utilizing B2B Data Providers

    Using B2B data providers can help your business in several ways. Here are a few of the top reasons to try one out:

    New Business Opportunities

    The best B2B data providers house hundreds of millions of points of contact for your sales and marketing teams to reach out to. Chances are, there are a few names in there your company isn’t familiar with. While certainly not every one will pan out, it’s likely you’ll be able to grow your sales pipeline considerably.

    Maintain Data Accuracy

    Gone are the days of career-long jobs. In today’s fast-paced world, people move businesses frequently for more money or a new opportunity. Even if someone stays within an organization, roles can change at a moment’s notice.

    Because of frequent shifts, the contact information you collected the other day may not be any good today. There’s nothing worse than constant wrong numbers when trying to convert a sale.

    B2B data providers regularly update their records, ensuring the information you receive is as fresh as possible. You’ll know who took over that vacated position or where a crucial contact disappeared to.

    Personalized and Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

    The information you get from B2B data providers is more than a name and a phone number. You’re going to get their job title, experience, skills, public resume, and more. You’ll also learn about the company they work for, its location, revenue, size, number of employees, and type of industry it represents.

    All this data is fuel for personalized and data-driven marketing strategies that help drive a connection with a prospect. They’re no longer a cold contact, and you can tailor your initial message and responses in a manner the other person will appreciate.

    Reduce Costs

    Gathering business data to feed your marketing and sales teams is a full-time job. Using a B2B data provider nets you way more contacts for what’s likely a fraction of the cost. You can put the money you save into a better CRM or customer engagement software.

    Methodology for the Best B2B Data Providers

    We weighed several factors when selecting the best B2B data providers for our list. Here are the considerations that received top honors and the reasons why we chose each one.

    • Price: No matter the size of your company, money matters. Obtaining more contact information can greatly increase your sales numbers, but it almost always comes at a cost. The best B2B data providers charge based on the number of searches you perform and their overall ability to collect accurate, quality data. When making our picks, we looked for companies offering the biggest bang for your buck.
    • Available Data Types: The content you collect from B2B data providers needs to be useful. Many platforms can give you email addresses and phone numbers so you have a means of expanding your sales pipeline. Some go one step further, sharing employee roles, work history, and other information that can help you bring home a sale.
    • Number of Data Points: A B2B data provider is only as good as the information contained within its database. We identified companies with hundreds of millions of data points to keep you busy for a while.
    • Data Accuracy: People change jobs rapidly in our day and age. The information you collected yesterday could already be obsolete today. We opted for B2B data providers that check their sources frequently, updating information as needed to ensure you get in touch with the person you want.
    • Integrations: B2B data providers are a great source of information, but few have the tools to contact people. As such, it’s important for these providers to integrate with CRM software or other means you use to build leads.

    Best B2B Data Providers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Still have questions about the best B2B data providers? This FAQ may have the answer you’re looking for.

    Bottom Line

    The best B2B data providers give you hundreds of millions of names, email addresses, and phone numbers to scour through. Each new point of contact could become a new long-term customer that helps your company climb to new heights.

    Zoominfo takes our top spot due to its massive contact base, accurate information, and seamless integration with top business apps. That said, any of the B2B data providers on this list could serve you well.