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    Many New Features in Fall 2006

    The Library added numerous new services for our users, including the ability for them to:

    1. Quickly search the contents of the Library.
    2. Promptly add their own content.
    3. Subscribe to be notified via email of changes to any topic.
    4. “Diagnose” their organizations and themselves in order to identify what might be the most useful topics to use in the Library and in which order.
    5. Conveniently reference a wide variety of general resources, including
      – organizations that assist businesses (for-profit and nonprofit)
      – peer groups to form/join
      – online discussion groups
      – free training programs
      – free periodicals
      – indices (organizations that maintain lists) of blogs
      – job banks
      – supersites (websites with vast free resources)
      – reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, business glossaries, etc.) and
      – books about specific topics
    6. Conveniently report broken links and ask for help in using the Library.
    7. Track your path through the Library by using the “breadcrumbs” feature, which lists the Library pages you have visited in your current session. Find the “breadcrumbs” just under the header image.

    We hope that you enjoy and benefit from the many new features. We would appreciate your feedback. Use this form.
    Thank you!