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    Can I Reprint Items from the Library?

    When Requesting Permission, You Must Specify Each Article With Its Title and Web address — Do Not Request Permission for Entire Categories or Topics

    In a public Library, you must specify each book you want — you cannot ask to borrow an entire category or shelf of books. Similarly, in the Free Management Library, you must specify each article that you want to reprint. You can do so by specifying the title of the resource and its Web address.

    Before Requesting, Find Out Who the Author Is — We Cannot Grant Permission for Resources That We Did Not Write

    There are many authors who have an article or more referenced from the Library. The Library cannot grant permission to reprint an article. That permission must be granted by the author of the article. For example, for resources that mention “written by Carter McNamara” or “copyright Carter McNamara” near the top, contact When contacting an author, be sure to specify the Title and Web Address of each article.

    To find out who owns an online resource, follow the tips below.

    1. Try to find the author’s contact information (name, e-mail address, and/or postal address) in the article, Website, etc. Then contact the author.
    2. If you can’t find the author and contact information that way, then try to find a link that links to contact information, for example, try to find links to “contact us” and follow those links.
    3. If you can’t find contact information that way, then try backing up from the address of the article. For example, if the Web address of the item is “” then try:
      a) Connect to and see if there is contact information there.
      b) If there is no contact information there, then try and see if there is contact information there.
      c) If there is no contact information there, then try

    Can I Link From My Web Site to the Library or Any of its Topics?

    Absolutely. The Library is a community resource. If linking to it from your Website will make it easier for you and others to use materials from the Library, then go for it!

    Similarly, if you want to include a description of the Library and its Web address in a publication or on your Website, that’s fine, too.

    However, if you would like to reprint materials from the Library to include in another publication, on your Web site, etc., then read the above guidelines about reprinting. Thank you.

    Free Management Library may NOT be Mirrored at Other Web Sites

    The Library design and/or its pages may not be copied and maintained as a service on another Web site. While this mirroring (which produces significant, duplicate copies of the Library and its contents) may be a convenient means to help others benefit from the Library, the mirroring too often causes loss of central control over administration and versions of the contents of the Library.

    This central control is needed to ensure that the Library design and all copies of materials are up-to-date, and that up-to-date reprint terms are applied to the Library and its contents. Mirroring also might be a copyright violation, depending on what you copy from the Library.