Tailor Brands LLC Review: An In-depth Look at their LLC Services and More [2024]

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    Are you in the process of establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and searching for a distinctive logo for your business? Look no further than Tailor Brands, a pioneering company based in New York since 2015. Tailor Brands provides a comprehensive platform tailored for small businesses, offering extensive services. This article takes an in-depth look at the offerings of Tailor Brands LLC, exploring pricing features and conducting a comparative analysis with other prominent LLC formation services.

    Unveiling Tailor Brands LLC’s Purpose

    Tailor Brands specializes in simplifying the LLC formation process while offering many business services. From logo creation to website design, domain registration, business email, and social media marketing, the company strives to guide businesses seamlessly through each step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free initiation.

    Assessing the Value Proposition

    In evaluating the value for money, Tailor Brands LLC stands out with its diverse suite of services tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Tailor Brands offers various options, including logo creation, website design, hosting, domain registration, business email, and social media marketing.

    The pricing structure ranges from $0 plus state fees for basic LLC formation to $249 plus state fees for an all-inclusive business startup package. This comprehensive package includes a DIY website builder, one year of domain registration, creating up to eight logos, and various additional services. While some competitors may offer money-back guarantees, Tailor Brands’ nonrefundable fee policy is aligned with legal considerations.

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    Dive into Tailor Brands LLC’s Feature Set

    Tailor Brands LLC provides diverse features to assist businesses in their LLC formation journey and establish a robust online presence. These features include:

    LLC Formation:

    Guiding businesses through the intricacies of the LLC formation process, from selecting a registration state to meeting tax, licensing, and permit requirements.

    Logo Creation:

    Tailor Brands empowers businesses to craft custom, professional logos using an AI-powered logo-making tool.

    Website Design and Hosting:

    Offering both automatic and DIY website builders, Tailor Brands simplifies the process of creating professional websites.

    Domain Registration and Business Email:

    Tailor Brands allows registering a domain name and obtaining a business mailbox and email address, facilitating seamless communication.

    Social Media Marketing:

    They are equipping businesses with tools for crafting graphics and automating social media posts to enhance their online presence.

    Navigating the Tailor Brands LLC Experience

    Getting Started with Tailor Brands LLC

    Embarking on your LLC journey with Tailor Brands is a straightforward and user-friendly process:

    Visit the Website:

    Begin by navigating to Tailor Brands’ website to initiate the process.

    Provide Business Information:

    Enter essential details about your business and express your preferences.

    Create an Account:

    After selecting your options, create an account using your email and password.

    Recommended Plan:

    Tailor Brands will present a tailored plan for your business, encompassing state LLC registration fees.

    • Comprehensive services and support for small businesses.
    • User-friendly interface and an easy-to-navigate LLC formation process.
    • Affordable pricing for a full-featured business startup package.
    • Quick and responsive customer support.
    • Additional costs include obtaining an EIN or acting as a registered agent.
    • Nonrefundable fees.
    • No free registered agent services for a year.

    Tailor Brands LLC Pricing

    Tailor Brands offers three LLC formation packages:

    • Lite Plan ($0 + State Fees): Basic LLC formation service.
    • Essential Plan ($149 + State Fees): Includes expedited processing, annual compliance, and an operating agreement.
    • Elite Plan ($259 + State Fees): The most comprehensive package with additional features like yearly report filing and priority support.

    Tailor Brands vs. Competitors

    Tailor Brands LLC vs. Swyft Filings

    When comparing Tailor Brands to Swyft Filings, key differences include pricing, features, and value for money. Tailor Brands is a one-stop-shop offering additional services like marketing and website creation.

    Tailor Brands LLC vs. MyCompanyWorks

    Comparing Tailor Brands to MyCompanyWorks reveals distinctions in pricing, features, and services offered. While MyCompanyWorks includes more features in its introductory package, Tailor Brands provides a broader range of services for small businesses.

    Tailor Brands LLC vs. Zen Business Comprehensive Review

    Zen Business:

    Zen Business is a business formation service established in 2015. It provides straightforward and affordable solutions for entrepreneurs, including LLC formation, registered agent services, and other business-related services.

    Feature Comparison:

    Tailor Brands LLC:


    Tailor Brands concentrates on LLC formation, logo creation, website design, domain registration, business email, and social media marketing.


    Ranges from $0 plus state fees for basic LLC formation to $249 plus state fees for a comprehensive business startup package.


    It includes a DIY website builder, one year of domain registration, creating up to eight logos, and various additional services.

    Zen Business:


    Zen Bussiness primarily specializes in LLC formation, registered agent services, annual reports, and business compliance services.


    Packages start at $49 plus state fees for basic LLC formation, with additional costs for extra services.


    Zen Business offers Registered agent services in LLC formation packages and a personalized dashboard for ongoing compliance management.

    Price Comparison:

    Tailor Brands LLC:

    • Lite Plan: $0 plus state fees.
    • Essential Plan: $149 plus state fees.
    • Elite Plan: $259 per month plus state fees.

    Zen Business:

    • Starter Plan: $49 plus state fees.
    • Pro Plan: $199 plus state fees.
    • Premium Plan: $299 plus state fees.


    Tailor Brands excels in comprehensive services, including branding, making it ideal for diverse business needs. With transparent pricing, Zen Business is a cost-effective choice for essential LLC formation and compliance services. Your selection hinges on specific business priorities and budget constraints.

    Client Feedback

    Reviews on Trustpilot highlight Tailor Brands’ positive aspects, including a user-friendly interface, transparency, and excellent customer support. However, some users need help finding pricing details for different LLC packages.

    Bottom Line

    Tailor Brands LLC formation services are an excellent choice for small businesses seeking a comprehensive solution. Despite additional costs for some essential services, Tailor Brands’ range of features and support make it a reliable option for companies looking to form an LLC.

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