Larson Tax Relief Review for 2024: Pros, Cons, & Pricing

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    If you’re dealing with complex business taxes or intricate personal tax issues, Larson Tax Relief could be a valuable resource. Larson’s tax relief programs and professional tax services are designed to address a wide range of business and personal income tax challenges. They commit to guiding you personally through each stage of the process and ensure your satisfaction with their services.

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    About Larson Tax Services

    Established in 2005 by two brothers, Larson Tax Relief has nearly two decades of experience in assisting clients with their tax concerns. The majority of the team consists of enrolled agents who have successfully completed a rigorous three-part certification exam administered by the IRS.

    The company addresses a broad spectrum of tax relief challenges, including both federal and state issues, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding assets for individuals, small to midsize businesses, nonprofits, and religious organizations.

    Larson Tax Relief is known for its dependable tax relief services and consistently receives high marks for customer service. To get started, clients need to undergo an evaluation over the phone with one of their associates. The cost of services varies depending on the complexity of the case and isn’t listed online, so it’s best to inquire about fees during the initial phone consultation.

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    Pros of Larson Tax Service

    Experienced With Complex Business Tax Situations

    Larson Tax Relief’s professionals excel in handling intricate tax situations for business owners. The company’s in-house services are delivered by two types of tax experts:

    • Enrolled agents: These are credentialed IRS representatives with a minimum of five years of experience in areas like appeals, settlements, tax law, among others. Enrolled Agents are qualified to represent any taxpayer in negotiations with the IRS.
    • Tax attorneys: Licensed by the state, tax attorneys are well-educated professionals ideal for those facing legal issues related to business taxes. They can represent your business in court and offer legal advice to help resolve your financial issues.

    Both groups of tax specialists at Larson Tax Relief are seasoned in managing a diverse array of complex cases, with 80% of their work involving intricate business tax matters, according to their website.

    15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Larson provides new customers with a 15-day money-back guarantee if they’re dissatisfied with the services received. This period begins on the day of your initial payment. If you find that Larson Tax Relief’s team isn’t responsive or doesn’t meet your needs within these 15 days, you can terminate your service and receive a full refund.

    Doesn’t Charge a Retainer Fee

    Larson Tax Relief does not require a retainer fee for its tax relief services. This means you do not need to pay anything upfront to start working with them. Unlike some tax relief firms that charge a retainer to secure payment, which is then applied to hourly rates with possible additional fees later, Larson charges a flat fee per case.

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    Cons of Larson Tax Service

    High Minimum Debt Requirement

    Larson Tax Relief only handles cases where the debt is $25,000 or more. For those owing less, the company recommends arranging payments directly with the IRS through its online payment plan application.

    Limited Resources Online

    Unlike some tax relief firms that provide free online cost estimates, Larson Tax Relief offers limited resources on their website. 

    To learn more about what they can offer, you’ll need to contact a representative directly. There’s no customer portal for online payments or customer service interactions.

    No Upfront Pricing

    On average, Larson customers might pay about $2,400 in total, depending on the services required. However, Larson does not provide specific pricing details until a consultation is conducted. 

    This practice is typical in the tax relief industry but can make it challenging for consumers to compare different companies. It’s beneficial to use free consultations to obtain quotes from various tax relief providers to explore the strategies they offer for your particular circumstances.

    What Larson Tax Relief Offers?

    Larson offers a wide range of tax relief services to support both businesses and individuals facing tax-related challenges. In addition to their well-regarded bankruptcy aid and tax return preparation services, Larson provides several specialized business tax relief options:

    Business Tax Relief

    • Offer In Compromise (OIC): This allows you or your representative to negotiate a settlement where you pay a portion of your debt due to financial hardship, with the remainder forgiven.
    • Installment Agreements: These agreements facilitate the payment of your tax debt in full or over time, up to the statute of limitations.
    • Tax Liens: Larson works to prevent the filing of tax liens against your business or to remove existing liens.
    • Corporate Formation or Shutdown: Assistance is available for starting or closing a corporation, optimizing tax benefits and avoiding liabilities.
    • Levy Reversals: Larson can negotiate with the IRS to stop and reverse levies on your business’s bank accounts.

    IRS Tax Relief

    Larson handles IRS tax relief for both individuals and businesses, offering services like audit representation and tax return management. Key options include:

    • Currently Not Collectable: This status, determined by the IRS, temporarily relieves you from your tax debt during periods of financial hardship.
    • Partial Pay Installment Agreement: A compromise between full payment and an Offer in Compromise, allowing for reduced payments over time.

    For long-term payment plans, the monthly amount varies by state and individual circumstances. A rough estimate can be calculated by dividing your total balance by 72 months.

    Signing up for a Direct Debit Installment Agreement (DDIA) can waive payment plan fees, as it automates withdrawals from your checking account.

    Income Tax Relief

    Larson’s approach to income tax relief involves a thorough understanding of your specific situation, extensive research, and direct representation with tax authorities. They help resolve issues such as unfiled returns, wage garnishments, and bank levies.

    State Tax Relief

    State tax issues can often be more urgent than federal ones, as state tax authorities may pursue aggressive collection actions. Larson assists with state-specific challenges like unfiled state taxes, liquor licenses, worker’s compensation, and franchise taxes.

    Emergency Bank Levies Help

    If you face a bank levy or wage garnishment, immediate assistance is crucial. Larson will investigate your case, propose solutions, and negotiate with the IRS and other relevant tax entities to protect your assets.

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    Larson Tax Relief Pricing

    The pricing structure for Larson Tax Relief’s services isn’t straightforward, as each client’s situation varies, and no standard price list is published. Customer feedback indicates that the average cost of their services are around $2,400, but representatives require specific case details to provide more precise fee information. Larson allows for flexible payment options instead of demanding full payment upfront.

    Larson Tax Relief Financial Stability

    There’s no standard financial stability rating for the tax relief or tax agent sectors, so Larson does not have a rating from major financial agencies. Nonetheless, Larson’s impressive annual revenue of approximately $4.5 million reflects a strong financial position.

    The company has served over 18,000 clients, employs 15 Enrolled Agents, has been in operation for 18 years, and has earned accolades from the BBB for its ethical practices and high standards.

    Larson Tax Relief Accessibility

    Larson’s services are accessible nationwide, catering to any U.S. resident. However, they specifically provide services to businesses or individuals with a minimum tax debt of $25,000. If you’re uncertain about the amount you owe, Larson can assist in determining the exact figure before agreeing to provide services.

    Contact Information

    You can reach Larson Tax Relief via their website at, or by calling (888) 589-0955. Their main office is located at 10170 Church Ranch Way #450, Westminster, CO, 80021. Their website also features a chatbot for convenience.

    User Experience

    Customers generally report positive experiences with Larson Tax Relief. The company’s website is thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate, earning an “Excellent” rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with only 6% of the 305 reviews rating them below five stars.

    While DIY tax software can manage your business taxes, for those facing significant tax debt and complex issues, professional tax relief services like those offered by Larson are advisable. 

    Larson provides a variety of debt relief options including offers in compromise, installment agreements, and more, all available across the U.S. Despite the lack of detailed online resources and upfront pricing clarity, Larson is a trusted tax relief provider with solid customer endorsements. 

    Their services are particularly suited for business owners dealing with substantial tax obligations.

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    How Legit Is Larson Tax Service – Real User Reviews

    Larson Tax Service Alternatives

    Anthem Tax Services provides IRS tax debt relief and corporate tax preparation services. The company assists clients in applying for all IRS tax debt relief programs, including offers in compromise (OIC), innocent spouse relief, and “currently not collectible” status.

    Anthem stands out with a robust money-back guarantee, promising a full refund if they fail to achieve any resolution from the IRS, be it a reduction in payments or complete debt forgiveness. However, that this guarantee does not cover the initial investigation fee, which typically starts at $350 and varies based on case details.

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    Community Tax Logo

    Community Tax offers no-cost initial consultations and charges investigation fees ranging from $295 to $500.

    Focusing primarily on IRS tax debt relief, Community Tax also provides some state tax assistance. Similar to other firms in the industry, Community Tax manages applications for various relief solutions including installment agreements and offers in compromise, though not innocent spouse relief. 

    The company caters to customers with tax debts starting from $10,000. Community Tax’s refund policy varies by state, offering a full refund within three to ten days if tax issues aren’t resolved.

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    Larson Tax Service – FAQs

    Bottom Line

    Handling business taxes independently using software might work for some, but for serious tax relief, professional assistance is often necessary to effectively manage debt and restore financial stability.

    Larson Tax Relief provides targeted tax solutions for those with tax debts exceeding $25,000, including a complimentary consultation and a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. Their approach encompasses offers in compromise, installment agreements, partial payment installments, and obtaining “currently not collectible” status.

    Although Larson Tax Relief offers minimal online resources and their pricing structure isn’t immediately transparent, they’re a well-regarded tax relief provider with strong customer feedback. Their services are particularly suited to business owners facing significant tax challenges.

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