How to File a DBA in Hawaii in 6 Simple Steps

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    Are you interested in understanding the importance of DBA registration in California and how to go about it? Look no further. DBA, which stands for “Doing Business As,” allows entrepreneurs in California to use an alternative name for their business, serving various purposes like marketing, sales, and legal matters. Other states may refer to this as a fictitious name, assumed name, trade name, or something similar.

    It’s important to note that unlike a Limited Liability Company (LLC), registering a DBA does not establish a formal business structure and does not offer the same benefits. In fact, opting for LLC registration in California is often more advantageous due to tax benefits and legal protections.

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    What is a Hawaii DBA (Trade Name)?

    In Hawaii, a DBA (Doing Business As) serves as an alternative name for your business. It allows you to operate under a different name than your official business name. In Hawaii, these alternate names are known as trade names, while other states may use terms like assumed or fictitious names for DBAs. With a Hawaii DBA, you have the flexibility to choose a unique identity for your business without changing its legal status.

    What’s Unique About DBA Registration in Hawaii?

    Although businesses in Hawaii don’t need to register their trade names, doing so can be advantageous in terms of establishing ownership and preventing other companies from claiming the same name. In Hawaii, the ownership of a trade name is determined by common law rights under Hawaii Revised Statutes § 482-53. Essentially, the first business to adopt and continuously use a trade name becomes its rightful owner.

    However, merely owning a name without registering it does not prevent other businesses from attempting to use that same name. This is particularly true if those businesses are unaware that you’re already using it. By registering your trade name, you can protect your claim on that particular name and avoid potential legal disputes by notifying other businesses of your existing ownership.

    In summary, while registration is not compulsory, it’s highly recommended to safeguard your trade name and avoid conflicts with competing businesses. Registering provides official proof of ownership and serves as a notice to others that the specific trade name belongs to you.

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    Why Register a Hawaii Trade Name?

    In addition to safeguarding your reputation, there are numerous motives for registering your Hawaii DBA. Listed below are a few of the prevalent ones.

    You’re a Sole Proprietor

    DBAs are often utilized by sole proprietors for marketing motives. Sole proprietorships, which are unregistered small businesses owned by one individual, commonly adopt DBAs. While the legal business name of a sole proprietorship is typically the owner’s name, they can opt to operate under a trade name instead.

    For instance, Lisa Hale could choose to use “Turtle Shell Tees” as her trade name. By doing so, a DBA can assist in building credibility and enhancing brand recognition for a sole proprietor.

    To Market Your Business

    Trade names are frequently utilized by businesses for marketing purposes, particularly when they’re expanding or rebranding. For instance, if you have registered an LLC named Turtle Shell Tees LLC and wish to begin selling tanks and crop tops alongside tees, rather than establishing a completely new business, you can opt to use the trade name Turtle Shell Tops.

    There are various ways in which a DBA (Doing Business As) can be employed to promote your business and uphold its professional image.

    • On websites and social media platforms
    • Displayed on signs, business cards, and various promotional materials
    • Featured in commercials and advertisements
    • Printed on merchandise
    • Required for opening a business bank account (Note: some banks may demand proof of DBA registration)
    • Utilized for making and receiving payments

    If you decide to do business under your domain name, you can also register that name as a DBA.

    To Open a Business Bank Account

    Each bank has its own set of regulations when it comes to opening a business bank account under a DBA. Some banks may require evidence of trade name usage, such as a business card or social media account, while others may ask for proof of registration with the state. To know the specific requirements, it’s best to contact your bank directly.

    Opening a business bank account as a sole proprietor is beneficial in keeping personal and business funds separate.

    Note: Registering your trade name in Hawaii does not guarantee exclusive use by your business. To have stronger legal rights over your name, you can consider applying for federal trademark protection for your DBA name.

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    Why Opt for Professional Assistance When Filing a DBA in Hawaii?

    Successfully registering a DBA in Hawaii involves a series of crucial steps that are vital for a smooth and problem-free registration process. It’s important to avoid any mistakes during these procedures, as they could lead to the rejection of your application or even more severe consequences. The state authorities in Hawaii have the power to impose fines or even shut down your business if you improperly use a name in legal or business settings.

    To ease your worries and uncertainties regarding the entire DBA process, professional services can be of great assistance. These experts have an extensive understanding of Hawaii’s specific requirements and can guide you in selecting an ideal name before commencing the necessary paperwork. Furthermore, these companies offer various services, such as LLC filing, which can prove invaluable as your business grows.

    After conducting thorough research, we have identified the top professional services that cater specifically to your DBA needs in Hawaii:

    How to File a DBA in Hawaii

    Allow me to guide you through the process of registering your Hawaii DBA with the state. First, it’s crucial to check if your preferred name is accessible. Afterward, complete an Application to Register a Trade Name and submit it to the Business Registration Division of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

    1. Comply with Hawaii Business Naming Rules

    Allow me to guide you through the process of registering your Hawaii DBA with the state. First, it’s crucial to check if your preferred name is accessible. Afterward, complete an Application to Register a Trade Name and submit it to the Business Registration Division of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

    • Avoid including words or phrases that could confuse or mislead the public regarding the nature or purpose of your business, such as falsely implying that your business is affiliated with a financial or governmental entity.
    • Ensure that the name is distinct from all other registered business and trade names currently in circulation within the state of Hawaii.

    Furthermore, obtaining authorization from a state or federal agency may be necessary when using specific terms such as “bank” or “Olympic”.

    Ensuring that your chosen name is distinct can present challenges. Even if two business names are not identical in every aspect, they might still be considered “substantially identical” according to the regulations outlined in Hawaii law (Hawaii Administrative Rules, Section 16-36-15).

    Minor variations like the inclusion of articles (a, an, the) or other insignificant words in English or Hawaiian (on, to, da, ka, la), as well as the use of homonyms, do not establish uniqueness for a name. For instance, if another business is already operating under Wavy Daze Surfing LLC., you will not be able to register Wavy Days Surfing LLC. as a trade name.

    If you have concerns regarding whether your desired name meets the qualifications set forth by Hawaii law and regulations for trade name registration purposes, please refer to Section 16-36-15 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules for a comprehensive list of rules governing trade names.

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    2. See if Your Trade Name is Available

    In order to determine the availability of your trade name, you can begin by utilizing the Hawaii Business Express Business Name Search tool. Nonetheless, given that there’s no obligation to register trade names at the state level officially, it would be advisable also to explore other sources for unregistered trade names. These additional sources could include:

    • The US Patent and Trademark Office
    • Past and present telephone directories and business directories covering all cities and counties in Hawaii, including Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai
    • The Hawaii Department of Taxation, which may provide information on the issuance of a general excise tax license under a specific trade name
    • Relevant state or county agencies that mandate business registration under a trade name, such as the Honolulu Liquor Commission
    • Trade bureaus and associations like the Hawaii Restaurant Association
    • Polk’s City Directories for Hawaii’s cities and counties, accessible through the Hawaii State Archives Collection and select libraries

    Ensuring that the name you choose for your business is not already being used can help you avoid legal issues, even if you do not officially register it. For instance, let’s say you decide to use the name Aloha Tours without checking if it is already in use.

    If another company has been using Aloha Tours for the past five years, they have legal ownership of that name due to their prior usage. In this scenario, they could take legal action against your business for also using that name.

    3. Start Using Your Trade Name

    In Hawaii, the key to owning a trade name is through usage rather than registration. Therefore, once you have confirmed that your preferred name is available, take action and begin utilizing it. Hang up a new sign or initiate a social media campaign using your newly established trade name.

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    4. Complete an Application to Register a Trade Name

    In order to register your trade name, you must complete an Application for Trade Name Registration. Here’s what you should include in the application form:

    • Applicant’s name and address
    • Indication of registration status (new or renewal)
    • Business status (e.g., sole proprietorship or LLC)
    • State or country of business formation (for registered entities)
    • Trade name
    • Confirmation of being the originator or assignee of the trade name (if assigned)
    • Description of the business type using the trade name
    • Signature of the applicant or authorized representative

    The details you provide in this form will be accessible to the general public and can be easily found through the Hawaii Business Express platform.

    5. File the Form and Pay the Filing Fee

    The details you provide in this form will be accessible to the general public and can be easily found through the Hawaii Business Express platform.

    By mail:

    State of Hawaii

    Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

    Business Registration Division

    PO Box 40

    Honolulu, HI 96810


    335 Merchant Street, Suite 201

    Honolulu, HI 96813


    Hawaii Business Express

    6. Manage Your Hawaii Trade Name

    How to Renew a Trade Name in Hawaii

    Renewal of Hawaii DBA registration is required every five years. In order to renew your registration, you must submit a fresh Application for Registration of Trade Name within the six-month period before your expiration date.

    The application includes a checkbox that allows you to indicate it as a renewal, and you will need to provide the certificate number from your initial registration. The cost for renewal is also $50, just like the initial registration fee.

    Can I Cancel My Trade Name Registration in Hawaii?

    Certainly! If you wish, you have the option to cancel your registration by sending a formal written request to the director of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (HI Rev Stat § 482-28). For detailed instructions, please get in touch with the department directly.

    How to Claim a DBA Already Registered in Hawaii

    If you find yourself in a situation where you need to claim a trade name that is already registered in Hawaii, there are two options available to you. The first is to request the re-assignment of the trade name so that it becomes yours. The second option involves petitioning for the revocation of the original registration, allowing you to claim the name for yourself.

    However, it’s important to note that most businesses will not willingly give up their registered trade names without a valid reason. Therefore, there are only two specific circumstances in which you may have a chance at obtaining the desired name.

    Prior Ownership: You might have been utilizing a specific brand name for an extended period and recently decided to officially register it. During your search for name availability, you discovered that another company had already registered the same name. However, after conducting some research, you uncovered the fact that they haven’t been actively using the name as long as you have. Since your business has a longer history of utilizing this name, it actually belongs to you.

    Non-Usage. As per Hawaii legislation, if a brand name hasn’t been utilized within the past 365 days, it’s considered to be in a state of non-use and no longer belongs to the individual who previously claimed ownership over it.

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    Get a Trade Name Re-Assigned to Your Business

    The most convenient approach is to have the trade name transferred to your business. To achieve this, you will have to reach out to the other company, clarify the situation (either previous ownership or non-usage), and persuade them to submit a form for Assignment of Trade Name, Trademark, or Service Mark with the Hawaii Business Registration Division. This process incurs a fee of $10.

    Subsequently, when you file your Application to Register a Trade Name, make sure to tick the box indicating that you’re now the assignee rather than the original owner of that particular name.

    Of course, if you simply desire the name and can come to some kind of agreement with the other business where they relinquish it in favor of yours, then using a re-assignment form would also suffice. However, it’s improbable for most businesses as they’re unlikely willing to give up a trade name that already belongs exclusively belong theirs.

    Petitioning to Revoke a Trade Name Registration

    If the business that has registered your desired name refuses to reassign it, you have the option to file a petition for revocation of the registration. This can be done on the basis of prior ownership or non-use. However, it’s important to note that this process may take longer and could potentially lead to a legal dispute over the name.

    To proceed with your petition, you will need to gather evidence supporting your claim and create a formal document following the guidelines provided by the Hawaii Business Registration Division’s Instructions on Filing a Petition for Revocation of Trade Name, Trademark, or Service Mark.

    The submission of your petition to the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ Business Registration Division does not incur any costs.

    Best DBA Filing Services to Register Fictitious Name in Hawaii – HI DBA

    Explore the leading services for registering a fictitious name in the state of Hawaii.

    Business Rocket logo

    Business Rocket is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to file a Doing Business As (DBA) in Hawaii. This service is specifically designed to aid entrepreneurs and business owners, providing them with an easy-to-use and seamless experience. By offering intuitive online tools and step-by-step guidance, Business Rocket simplifies the typically intricate paperwork involved in DBA registration in Hawaii.

    The main goal of Business Rocket is to streamline the entire process, helping individuals navigate the legal requirements while ensuring that their chosen business name remains unique and compliant with Hawaii’s regulations.

    Through features such as document preparation and filing assistance, Business Rocket facilitates a smooth registration process for DBAs, enabling individuals to establish their presence in Hawaii with ease.

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    Northwest Registered Agent logo

    Northwest Registered Agent is a reliable option for various legal services, including DBA filings in Hawaii. As a registered agent service, they provide a physical address that meets the state’s requirements for businesses operating under an alternative name. 

    In addition to DBA filings, Northwest Registered Agent offers other compliance services like annual report submissions and mail forwarding. This comprehensive approach helps businesses stay in good standing with the state and relieves business owners of administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on growing their enterprises.

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    ZenBusiness is a comprehensive platform for business services that provides support to entrepreneurs throughout their journey, including assistance with filing a DBA in Hawaii. With a focus on simplicity and affordability, ZenBusiness offers an easy-to-use online platform that guides users through the necessary steps to register their DBA in Hawaii.

    This service not only helps users check the availability of names but also takes care of preparing the required documents and submitting filings to the appropriate authorities in Hawaii. 

    In addition, ZenBusiness offers ongoing support for compliance matters, making it an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who want a hassle-free and compliant way to establish their business identity in the state.

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    DBA vs. LLC in Hawaii

    While a DBA is essentially a nickname for a business, a Hawaii LLC is classified as a separate business entity. An LLC offers legal separation from its owners, providing them with protection from liability in the event of any issues. As the owner of an LLC, your personal assets are not at risk if your business is sued or defaulted on a debt, and this applies regardless of whether you use a DBA or not.

    Using a DBA does not offer any additional protections for your business. Therefore, if you operate an unincorporated business such as a sole proprietorship and adopt a DBA, it will not create any legal separation between you and your business. To obtain liability protection, you will need to establish a registered business like an LLC.

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    File a DBA in Hawaii – Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions about filing a DBA in Hawaii? Read on to see if we have the answer you’re looking for.

    Conclusion – File a DBA in Hawaii

    Securing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) in Hawaii is crucial for companies seeking to operate under a distinct name. This process enhances brand visibility and ensures compliance with regulations, fostering credibility. Business Rocket simplifies and streamlines the DBA filing process, offering expert guidance for a seamless experience.

    With a registered DBA and Business Rocket’s support, Hawaii businesses can confidently navigate the competitive landscape, asserting themselves as reputable entities with unique identities.

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