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    Sorry this is a day late, life happens – Well I promised to give some useful tools to put in your training toolbox – I had a comment on a past post and the writer suggested that “companies are choosing to use additional methods such as corporate videos for training and development opportunities (benefits enrollments in particular)”. The gentleman sent a link to his site and I thought it might be a good tool so the link is: – you might want to check it out. – other tools are:

    Books – I recommend the following:

    Brain teasers, There are a myriad of these out there is a good place to look – Brain teasers are a great place to start a training session gets em up and thinking!

    Any book by Robert Mager

    Donald Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation

    Make Training Work – Phillips

    e-Learning – Rosen

    Training aint telling (ASTD publication)

    Running Training Like a Business – David Van Adelsberg, Edward A Trolley

    And my personal favorite “Who Moved the Cheese”

    I also have laminated Harless’ 13 questions for HPT here’s a link for that

    I also can’t say enough about ASTD’s info lines they have been invaluable to me when I was a grad student and I am sure I will use them when I eventually find a job.

    One thing I also recommend is a membership to ASTD they are a wealth of information and the site is really user friendly.

    I also recommend looking at they are a train the trainer site and also have great classes and certifications too.

    I am sure your toolbox is pretty complete, but I thought I’d add my two-cents too and once again happy training and suggestions comments and concerns are welcome as well as guest writers.


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