New! Social Enterprise Shopping Guide

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    Have you ever gone online to order something and then wondered if you could buy it from a social enterprise? We often have, which is why the npEnterprise Forum created the Social Enterprise Shopping Guide.

    Support the SE sector while shopping online!

    Here’s the web address for the Guide:

    It’s only a start, with less than 30 entries. We’re sure there are dozens (hundreds?) more out there. So if you have favorites to add to the Guide, email them to

    To qualify, the SE needs to have a web page that lists products for the general public to order online. The SE can be located anywhere in the world, and can be nonprofit/NGO, forprofit or hybrid. SE defined at

    Incidentally, this is the third npEnterprise project for 2011. The first two have already attracted more than 10,000 viewers.

    In case you missed the earlier ones, here they are again:

    US Nonprofit SE Tax/Legal Compilation
    Social Enterprise Dining Map

    Or just google “npEnterprise”.

    The SE Dining Map has grown to 106 locations, in 18 of the top 25 US metro areas, 28 US states and 5 Canadian provinces. UK cafes will be added soon.

    While SE cafes are not listed in the Shopping Guide, remember that many sell gift certificates, which can often be purchased by phone and mailed as a gift.

    Happy Shopping.