Three Approaches to Communicate a “Rejection” to an Idea

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    In my last post, I shared some ideas on the Key Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Solution to a Business Problem. Inevitably, the reality with all Business Improvement efforts is, some ideas will have to be turned down, for a whole myriad of reasons.

    The way to communicate the “rejection” of these ideas has a massive impact on how the idea originator continues to meaningfully contribute and identify further improvement opportunities in the future.

    There are Three Approaches to Communicate the Rejected Idea.

    1. POSITIVE:

    Thank the contributor for his/her idea.

    Emphasize positive points about the idea.

    2. NEGATIVE:

    Tell the contributor why it won’t work.

    Explain the difficulties or dangers.

    3. CREATIVE:

    Seek alternatives and creative additional ideas.

    Ask: How can we think about this differently? How can we achieve our goal in a different way? What if….? Consider new ideas, changes, and alternatives.

    The CREATIVE APPROACH is undoubtedly what keeps the ideas floodgates open.

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    Give it a Try.


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