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    Just like a big box of chocolates on Christmas day, any kind of Business Improvement Success is meant for sharing.

    Sharing successes has numerous benefits in any business. These include raising “the awareness for change” across the business, closing knowledge gaps as well as inspiring others to take interest and use the same methods tools & techniques.

    In sharing business related successes, I always find 4 key pieces of information are of most benefit to my recipients. These 4 elements allow my intended audience to relate to and understand all the important steps that eventually paved way for the good results

    I call this the SOAR Model for sharing Business Improvement Success, an acronym representing the 4 pieces of information which are: SITUATION, OPPORTUNITY, ACTION & RESULTS


    SITUATION is the “Before” scenario, providing a background to the success story so the audience can relate to what prompted the events to take place. Always describe the situation before any work was started and explain why it was necessary to take action. This could take the form of a “problem statement”. Photos, if applicable are a great way to illustrate the before scenario.


    Describe how the Improvement Opportunity was presented, prioritised and agreed by the team and any supporting evidence such as data collected (e.g. Pareto charts). It’s also good to describe which other ideas were proposed and eventually discarded and the rationale behind your thought process including all the supporting data.


    Spell out exactly what actions were carried out by whom and when. Make this compelling and interesting. Also include details on how the team had to deal with any setbacks and obstacles. This is the section to convince the doubters that everything is possible.


    This is the part you tell the whole world your fantastic results evidenced by the data recorded and showing the exciting trends and charts and how you surpassed the agreed Improvement Objectives. Its bragging time!

    SOAR like an eagle.

    How do you share success?

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