How to Write a Compelling Change Vision Statement

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    Any business serious about Change needs to create a Change Vision which is an expression of the harsh reality and the change intention. Executed well, a Change Vision Statement will send a strong message for everyone in your business to rally and support the the transformational journey.

    This is not to be confused with a company Mission Statement that may already exist within the business. A Change Vision should be crafted specifically to gain support and gather momentum relating to the Change Agenda.

    To help you come up with a “Killer” Change Vision for your business first you need to understand a few things about what motivates people to take action about a business situation. Though this entirely depends on individuals, it’s safe to deduce that in general:

    • A few people are inspired by a desired outcome.(e.g. number 1 in your market segment, or first to launch product XX)
    • Some are inspired mainly by avoiding an undesirable outcome. (e.g. company shutting down / redundancy / retrenchment)
    • Most people however are motivated by a combination of both.

    Try to come up with a Change Vision Statement that addresses both the desired positive outcome and the “to be avoided” negative outcome in your business today.

    10 Things a “Killer” Change Vision Statement should accomplish

    A CI Vision Statement Should:

    1. Be Short and to the Point
    2. Be Motivational and Inspirational
    3. Captivate the intended audience
    4. Be Timeless (must still be applicable months or years into the Change Journey)
    5. Be a Unified Voice of the business (not a departmental opinion)
    6. Identify with a Common most urgent goal
    7. Cross Boundaries and Diversities
    8. Create a Sense of Urgency
    9. Be A Call to Action
    10. Be Genuine, Believable and spoken straight from the Heart

    Having created a compelling Change Vision Statement, what’s the best way to share it with everyone across the business? Do you just hang a poster at reception?

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