What Everyone Should Know About Decision Making

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    Often my coaching clients are faced with a big decision and want to discuss it in our coaching sessions. The competency of timely, high quality decision making is imperative in today’s competitive work environment.

    Here are six tips to make efficient, effective decisions:

    1. Let go of perfection – perfectionism will bog you down. Anyone can make a decision with unlimited time. Wanting to be perfect keeps you paralyzed and in limbo.

    2. Get the facts – do you have the data you need? Often when you are stuck you do not have the necessary information to decide. Identify what you need and how you can get it quickly.

    3. Avoid procrastination. If you tend to wait to the last minute, often your decision quality and accuracy will be poor.

    4. Use your intuition. If you are uncertain and need to decide quickly, trust your gut. Intuition is the ability to use knowledge without logic or the use of reason. As much as you can, give your subconscious mind the relevant data it needs, then listen to your inner voice.

    5. Take a risk. Avoiding risk can create missed opportunities. In many situations, if you make a decision and it is not quite right, you can tweak it along the way. See how it works out and adjust as you gather more data and information.

    6. Talk it out. Discussing your decision with a trusted party helps to clarify and articulate the best course of action. It gets the “muddle” out of your head and crystallizes what steps need to be taken.

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