Coaching Tip – Manage Time Urgency

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    Many of my coaching clients have me help them with overwhelm. They have too much to do and not enough time to do it all. Balancing work, family and other obligations stresses them out. They feel like they are always rushing. Does this sound like you?

    I came across a helpful article regarding this by Joe Robinson in the November 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine entitled: Tick, Tick Boom – Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs.

    Joe talks about “time urgency” – a stressful behavior that focuses on the scarcity of time. He gives a number of practical tips to manage “time urgency”. Here are some that may be helpful to you.

    Reframe the panic – Understand that it’s not the clock or the deadline that’s causing the stress but what you’re telling yourself about the stress.

    Do speed checks – Look for the signs when you’re racing. Take a deep breath and deliberately slow down.

    Cut clock-checking by 75% – Watching the clock wastes time and increases overwhelm.

    Take time to get more time – Spend 15 minutes each morning to prioritize and organize your most important tasks for the day. Prioritizing and list-making tells your brain you’re handling things.

    Be realistic – Time urgency breeds overoptimistic deadlines. Change this by adding 20% more time when you estimate how long a task will take you.

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