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    Optimize Firefox for Faster, Safer Salesforce

    Guest Author: Grace Beckett

    Tips and Tricks

    Mozilla’s Firefox is the recommended browser for optimum usage of Salesforce security and the official Salesforce community vouches for its reliability. Users have reported that the performance of the Salesforce platform magically improves when you use it with Firefox. There might be something in Firefox’s source code that is particularly compatible with Salesforce. There might have been certain modifications also made by the Mozilla development team to ensure that Salesforce will run smoothly on the browser. However, there are certain small tips and tricks that will increase the security and the speed of Salesforce while being used with Mozilla Firefox. Here are some of them.

    Enable JavaScript

    JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages for the designing of web pages and web applications. Salesforce is also developed using the JavaScript console and you will find that enabling this particular option will ensure that the Salesforce platform will work more smoothly than it already does. Depending on the version of Firefox that you have on your system, you will find the instructions for enabling JavaScript on the developer page of the Mozilla Group.

    Accepting and Retaining Third Party Cookies Until Expiration

    It is a well established fact that browser cookies are a threat to your privacy and security. That is the reason most users choose to reject the cookies and even delete them if they find that any have been saved. However, most people do not understand that cookies also help in some sites’ performance. They will retain essential information and with the help of this information, the response time of the site will also improve significantly.

    When you instruct the Firefox browser to accept and retain the cookies, you will find that the performance of Salesforce platform also improves. This is because the Salesforce site also needs cookies for optimum performance. Once the cookies expire, there is no need to retain them and you can easily discard them by clearing the complete history.

    Usage of SSL 3.0

    SSL 3.0 is the latest secure link protocol that is being used by the Salesforce site. When you do not use this actively in your browser, you will find that compatibility mode will restrict the performance. On the other hand, using tools to enable SSL 3.0 will not only increase the performance but also boost the security of your site exponentially.


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    About the Author:

    Grace Beckett is a CRM and Cloud Applications expert. She writes extensively on emerging trends affecting the cloud and social media. One of her favorite cloud solutions is Cirrus Insight, the leading application for integration of Salesforce and Google Apps.