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    What surprised me most when I met Harvey Mackay this past weekend at the 2010 21st Century Book Marketing event? He’s kind. He’s funny. He’s REAL.

    Harvey (shunning “Mr. Mackay”, he insisted on “Harvey”), has authored business best-sellers that have been translated into 37 languages and sold over 10 million copies in 80 countries. His first book, Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive was a groundbreaking New York Times #1 best seller for 54 weeks.

    Harvey stood right there next to me, smiling and cracking jokes while my friend tried again and again to get the camera lighting just right. It took four shots. Harvey was as gracious as could be.

    That’s the kind of human interest he injects in his books. No wonder he’s so popular. Harvey knows how to connect with people. So of course his latest book is on topic and in demand.

    How to Market Yourself for Your Best Career Move

    Recently released, Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door, offers much-needed motivation and practical advice for networking and selling yourself for that perfect next job. He doesn’t teach you how to write your resume – many other books do that enormously well.

    With unemployment high and the perfect job seemingly out of reach, this book is invaluable for your soul. It infuses encouragement with humor and sound bites that will keep you emailing, dialing, knocking, and smiling;

    • “Don’t get dejected if you’ve been rejected – just get your new you perfected!”
    • “Remember the purpose of the resume. It’s to enable you to resume work.”
    • “You may not be interviewing for a sales job, but you have to be a great salesperson to sell yourself.”

    Click here to buy Harvey’s book:

    Sample Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door

    He also offers iTunes Podcast Previews. Harvey believes in giving – so enjoy!

    What are your favorite Harvey Mackay quotes?

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