Get Press! (Part One of Two)

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    Ten Ways to Make Headlines

    It’s a world of skimmers out there – with way more content than eyeballs. Yes, the competition for readers’ attention is fierce. (But we’re fiercer, aren’t we?)

    To score that precious publicity hit, there are ten things you should know, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. No expensive PR agency needed. Follow these insights to boost the odds that your press release will capture the interest of the local paper or influential blogger. Today we cover #1-5, and next post: 6-10.

    1. “Get Your Story Straight”

    The perfect story for an editor or blogger is one that’s UNIQUE. Right? No one wants to read about things they already know. Get attention by choosing a topic that focuses on your company’s unique competitive advantage. Otherwise known as unique selling proposition. Weave that into a newsworthy story, and include interesting stories, people or places that a reader can identify with.

    2. “Perfect Your Pitch”

    Take that story you just wrote and condense it down to a 30 second pitch. When you write a press release or call a reporter to pitch your story, you have to capture their attention in two sentences. Maybe less. So keep your pitch short and sweet.

    3. “Tailor For Each Outlet”

    Basically, this means, “One size DOES NOT fit all.” You wouldn’t pitch the same story to a column editor for HR personnel and individual job seekers. They’re just not interested in the same thing. So make sure to customize your story for it’s audience. Then customize the pitch.

    4. “Prepare Assets in Advance”

    When you can bring your story to life with screenshots, photos, links to videos and the like, prepare and deliver those along with the story. Your pitch has much more depth and texture – and you make the editor’s (or blogger’s) job easier – they won’t have to find that themselves.

    5. “Issue Press Releases and Media Advisories”

    These are simple summaries that offer breaking news and expert interviewees. Find a free template online. If you send it digitally to more than one media person, drop their email addresses in the Bcc and send it TO yourself. That way the receiver doesn’t know who and how many you’re pitching to.

    Have YOU been featured in a story you pitched? Tell us about it.


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