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    Best Gen Y Bloggers

    As part of their ongoing efforts to attract their target market, including Gen Y, maintains a value-packed blog, including the post: “50 Best Gen Y Bloggers”.

    In this post, Gen Y professionals from a wide variety of fields share their views and preferences, advice and insights. By reading these blogs, your market research becomes much more than research. It becomes a window into the Gen Y consumers’ thoughts.

    Topic categories include:

    • New Grads
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business and Marketing
    • Finance
    • Life
    • Women
    • Politics and Society
    • Technology.

    If that’s not enough, I quote the list below, posted by Rebecca Thorman on Thorman’s blog posts are well-respected sources for giving the ins and outs of Generation Y.

    Favorite Gen Y Bloggers
    These people make me think or laugh. Sometimes both.” – Rebecca Thorman

    Another Viewpoint: Gen Y and the Easter Bunny

    According to Ian Watson, “Gen Y doesn’t exist – This is a list of interesting people with interesting views but Gen Y are as real as the Easter Bunny!”

    In his own post, he offers the perspective; “There are records of Dutch priests in the 18th century that lament the lude and drunken behaviour of the young people in his parish. Have young people really changed? I think not – it is our perception that changes as we grow older.”

    So, after processing some of these resources in your Gen Y market research, what do you think? Are they REALLY different? How do YOU use differences to capture their attention and engage them?

    (Thanks to Online Degree Programs for the inspiration.)


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