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    Tell the community (or the world!) about what you have to offer. Enhance your professional (or creative, or social) reputation. Attract new customers. Grow your name recognition and brand. Increase your bottom line. And do it all for pennies.

    Who is your target market?

    If your business (AAA Computers, Inc.) fixes computers, then who are your ideal customers? Are they the families in the neighborhoods near your shop? The small businesses in your local business district?

    What does your brand stand for?

    First and foremost, your brand must represent something that others want. What’s most important to your target market? For the computer fix-it business, these benefits are important to your ideal customers. Your services are:

    • Accessible. Immediate service when they have a need … even nights and weekends.
    • Affordable. They don’t want to sink $500 into their two year old laptop. But they don’t want to go through the time and expense of buying and loading a new one, either.
    • Answers. You solve problems. Quickly and easily.

    Make ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing EASY

    AAA Computers, Inc. now has services that solve its customers’ problems, and is RIPE for word-of-mouth advertising, primarily free.

    Stick with one message that you repeat in every advertising medium. For instance:

    AAA Computers, Inc.

    Accessible, Affordable Answers

    This is a memorable message that succinctly promises the benefits of your service. When you create goodwill with customers by actually DELIVERING those benefits, they will tell their neighbors, their kids’ teachers, and their golf buddies. Word will travel, and your business is easy to find because you tied the benefits to the message and the name.

    Now, go forth and print door hangers for those neighborhood homes. Post bulletins at the grocery. And leave a stack of business cards at the nail salon.

    What makes your business flourish?


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