How to create a powerful marketing message

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    We are all over-messaged in this harried world – absolutely bombarded with thousands of messages every single day. So how can your business stand out?

    To be successful, your company’s marketing must be creatively distinctive. That’s what it takes to:

    • Capture the attention of your target audience, and
    • Deliver a clear and memorable message.

    Your marketing must be laser-focused. It cannot be everything to everybody. What should your marketing message achieve?

    • Image & Branding
    • Recognition, Credibility & Trust
    • Call to Action

    Business branding basics

    Your company is only as powerful as your BRAND. A company’s brand, like an individual’s personality, is unique – and should clearly convey the culture of your organization.

    In a nutshell, effective branding takes:

    • Strategizing about who your company is,
    • Aligning your brand with your company’s core values,
    • Creating an image and advertising that is distinctive, &
    • Integrating all media into an effective and memorable brand message.

    These are the basics of business branding. The most successful brands maintain a consistent voice – in the media, on the web, and in person.

    What is a brand strategy?

    Brand strategy is the who, what, why, where, and how of branding. A well-crafted brand strategy:

    • Captures your company’s personality
    • Creates messaging that resonates with prospects
    • Establishes your company’s competitive advantage
    • Converts prospects’ interest into revenue

    A good marketing firm with experience in your competitive niche can listen to key employees (and even customers) to craft a message that clearly and succinctly speaks to your target audience. It’s an important investment in your entire marketing effort – and will make your future advertising expenditures powerful.

    For a great example of a rebranding campaign that achieved these objectives, consider Financial Marketing Solutions’ creative work for FirstBank. These concepts can be applied to any business in any industry.

    Branding food for thought:
    What’s your company’s brand?
    How do customers and prospects perceive your company’s personality?
    Is it what you want them to think and feel about you?


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