Your Marketing Message – Is it Timely?

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    Listen to What the Market Tells You

    If your marketing message hasn’t changed lately, perhaps it’s time for a fresh approach. But the days of engaging a traditional marketing or advertising agency (to come up with a catchy campaign for you to push out to the masses) are over. Way over.

    Did traditional ad agencies ever really know what the target market truly needed? The old approach – one-way push marketing – relied on researching broad demographic information, creating a memorable marketing message, and mounting an expensive ad campaign. They spent a lot of money – but did they ever really LISTEN to the audience? And, if not, how could they truly know what the audience needed?

    New Marketing Messages Authentically Solve Customer Problems

    Through new media, companies now listen; and from those learnings, the marketing message becomes clear:

    • Potential customers voice their pain and needs
    • Companies listen and interact with them, beginning a real relationship
    • Marketing messages can now communicate how the company can help solve the customers’ pain and problems
    • By giving first, companies build trust and long-term value

    Traditional ad campaigns took huge budgets, long years, and one message repeated constantly. Now THAT’S risky!

    New Marketing Messages are Less Expensive

    Enter the little guy…who now competes with the big brands and builds relationships online just like they do. Huge budgets aren’t necessary. Fancy agencies with contrived messages aren’t relevant. And today, one little customer’s voice published online can make a difference – getting a company’s complete attention.

    If you haven’t seen the video, “United Breaks Guitars” (8.7 million views – and it’s fun!), along with the accompanying CNN news coverage of its viral impact – it’s well worth a few minutes of your time to show how one bad customer service situation can now become a giant company’s PR nightmare.

    So, if your marketing campaign could use a refresher… log on to the internet and listen. Then interact, engage, give, and build relationships.

    What are your favorite places to log on and listen to your customers? Your Competitors?


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