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    Marketing Thought Leaders and Social Media

    Do the core principles of history’s Marketing Thought Leaders still apply to the new paradigms of social media marketing? Here we take a closer look at Leo Burnett and his now worldwide agency.

    The quick answer to our question – a resounding YES! ABSOLUTELY. (From the Marketing Hall of Fame):

    Social Media Marketing Takeaways include:

    • “Marketing” harmony is a core concept in social media – all strategies and online marketing tools must be considered together, and prioritized, in order to achieve important business goals – including increased revenues.
    • Consumer insight is a founding principle of both the Burnette agency and Web 2.0 – Internet Marketing is USELESS unless you have clearly defined your target customer and attracted them where THEY are in social media. (It’s not about YOUR message anymore – it’s all about what THEY are saying. Are you hearing them?)
    • Customer engagement – Burnett’s core beliefs also include: ‘… a message so engaging and human that it builds a quality reputation and produces sales.’ YES YES YES! I especially love the part about producing sales – otherwise, why do it, really? (Traffic conversion into customers is the topic of a previous series of posts on my Marketing Blog.

    Burnett Believed in Marketing Harmony

    Long before the concept of integrated marketing communications was conceived, Leo Burnett said: “…in its performance, advertising is not a soloist. It is a member of an ensemble of all those activities that can be classified under the general head of marketing, and it must do its part in harmony with them.”

    Leo Burnett’s Business Philosophy

    “Our primary function in life is to produce the best advertising in the world, bar none … This is to be advertising so interrupting, so daring, so fresh, so engaging, so human, so believable and so well-focused as to themes and ideas that at one and the same time, it builds a quality reputation for the long haul as it produces sales for the immediate present.”

    – Marketing Hall of Fame

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    What revenue-generating tips have you discovered in Social Media Marketing?


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