Maximizing Online Profits: The Ultimate Marketing Tactics

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    How to Turn Online Traffic into Money – #4 of 4

    First, have you covered the basics of creating a “sticky” site? If not, read up on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is critical to attracting your target traffic. Then, be sure that you have an eye-catching reason for the visitor to read your site within TWO seconds of landing there. Offer engaging and informative content. If you don’t understand what interests your target audience, back up and figure that out. Make your site intuitive – and easy to navigate. Emphasize security. And integrate user-friendly interfaces for e-commerce sites.

    Website Traffic Conversion

    Now that you have traffic, consider using Twitter as a tool for engaging them. TJ McCue, Founder of Sales Rescue Team, offers case studies on web traffic conversion using Twitter. Companies such as Etsy, JetBlue, NakedPizza, Pepsi, and Levi’s are role models for smaller businesses by using Microblogging to actually close sales.

    Twitter Case Studies

    Many of these companies use coupons to drive customers directly to their websites. A few examples:

    • Boloco, (burrito restaurant) almost tripled its business over print coupons.
    • Albion’s Oven (bakery) Twitters about what is FRESH. (Yum!)
    • Timm Ferriss uses Twitter in his educational nonprofit work.
    • Dell finds that their coupons are regularly re-tweeted. They attribute $3 million in sales to their Twitter posts.

    For the full story, see “Closing the Sale with Twitter”.

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    Do you have case examples of B2B sites converting traffic into sales??


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