Ogilvy on Direct Response Marketing: Past and Present

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    Is Response Marketing still a powerful concept in the digital age?

    David Ogilvy, a Thought Leader in the advertising industry for over 50 years, established a leading worldwide agency on the power of creative branding. He declared Direct Response Marketing his “love” and “secret weapon”.

    So, the answer is a resounding “YES!” In fact, the Ogilvy agency establish a division, Neo@Ogilvy, based on new media tools that support the company’s brand marketing strengths. And the basis of successful online marketing tactics? DIRECT RESPONSE!

    According to Neo@Ogilvy: The future of marketing is digital.

    “At the start of the 21st century, marketing faces a critical challenge. Digital marketing is taking over around the world. People are spending more and more time with digital media – they are easier to reach, but harder to find. But it is more than just increasingly fragmented media consumption that requires new marketing concepts. Marketing in the digital world is also a race for the most current information, the best technology, and the fastest implementation.”

    Neo@Ogilvy, a fully integrated division of OgilvyOne Worldwide, provides its clients with comprehensive marketing services for the digital age. They develop marketing concepts that cover the entire customer journey – from the initial advertising contact to activating websites to newsletters and CRM. They create measurable success and maximum added value for customers.

    Neo@Ogilvy claims its competitive advantage in these terms:

    • intelligent media strategies
    • innovative technologies, and
    • creative ideas

    Further, Neo@Ogilvy’s David Rittenhouse emphasizes that brands must be careful that the messages they post to the internet add to the value of the message and brand, not just create impressions! That is a waste of precious time and money – and could actually hurt the brand. Direct response is the ultimate success.

    For more information on David’s thoughts on new media marketing and branding, see the videos posted by Lisa Chapman at iBrandMasters.

    Ogilvy remains one of the most famous names in advertising and one of the handful of thinkers (Raymond Rubicam, Leo Burnett, William Bernbach, Ted Bates) who shaped the business after the 1920s.

    In subsequent posts, I will explore these other Thought Leaders and their core value-add principles.

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    Happy “Marketing” hunting!

    What traditional Marketing concepts, and their relevancy to new media, are you interested in exploring?


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