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    I’ve been asked to write about Thought Leaders in Marketing and Advertising. What are the cornerstone philosophies of the industry’s top executives?

    This idea intrigued me, as we have much to learn from successful men and women with long careers, packed with hard-earned wisdom.

    While discussing it with my partner and trusted advisor, Steven Gladstone, Esq., he suggested a twist that cinched it for me. He asked, “Why don’t you explore their core philosophies in the context of the new media paradigm? Are the concepts and practices that made them successful then, still dynamic in this explosive world of social media?

    I loved his idea, and I hope that you will enjoy exploring it with me.

    David Ogilvy on Advertising

    At the top of the list is David Ogilvy, Founder of the New York-based ad agency Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, which eventually became Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

    Into his late 30’s, Ogilvy had never written an advertisement in his life. In fact:

    • He had dropped out of college.
    • He was unemployed.
    • He had been a cook, a salesman, and a farmer.
    • He knew nothing about marketing … and had never written any copy!

    He professed to be interested in advertising as a career (at the age of 38!) and was ready to go to work for $5,000 a year. A London agency hired him.

    A mere three years later, he became the most famous copywriter in the world; and in due course built the tenth biggest agency in the world.

    Ogilvy considered Direct Response his “first love” and “secret weapon”.

    I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.”David Ogilvy

    This is ABSOLUTELY spot-on in the new world of social media! In my next post, I’ll explore Ogilvy’s first love, Direct Response, and its creative use in social media. For more insider tips, see this list of “Marketing” quotes by David Ogilvy.

    For more social media “Marketing” tips and tactics, search these phrases:

    • Direct Response Marketing
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    Happy “Marketing” hunting!

    Which Marketing Thought Leaders do you want to read about?


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