Hot New Twitter Advertising Platform: Promoted Tweets

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    A new Twitter advertising tool launches today after much strategic planning and customer analysis

    What does it mean for marketers?

    According to Chris Bruzzo, vice president of brand, content and online at Starbucks, “When people are searching on Starbucks, what we really want to show them is that something is happening at Starbucks right now, and Promoted Tweets will give us a chance to do that.”

    Often, Tweets get lost in a sea of similar keywords and searches yield non-specific results.

    “Marketing” Promoted Tweets allows companies to enter the stream of real-time dialog. When a Twitter user searches for a word, a single ad shows up on top in small type.

    If users don’t respond to these Promoted Tweets by re-tweeting, favoriting, or replying, however, they will be pulled from the search results. This is a concept called “resonance”, a metric by which twitter will gauge the effectiveness of its ads. A few of the nine aspects of resonance include:

    • number of people who saw the post
    • number of people who replied to it or passed it on to their followers, and
    • number of people who clicked on links

    Initially, Twitter advertising will be charged by the thousands of people who saw the ads, a model that will evolve with experience. The Promoted Tweet is one of three streams of revenue Twitter will have available. For more information, see the AdAge article, “Twitter Has a Business Model: Promoted Tweets”

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    Happy “Marketing” hunting!

    What online ad platforms work best for you?


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