IS HR Selling Santa Claus?

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    During this holiday season, one can see images of Santa Claus everywhere. In fact, there is most likely a version of this jolly character in every room of my house. With all the decorating, the kids are starting to connect the dots and ask questions about whether or not there is a Santa Claus. The questions are logical and at this point still innocent and nonaccusatory. They still believe (I think), but they are starting to really analyze how this is all possible. Many of the answers I have provided at this point have been related to “the magic of Santa”; so now, the kids are asking if magic is real. And because it isn’t immediately predicated by a Santa question, I tell them no. And that’s where they are going to get it before I even realize that I have confirmed it for them.

    How often does this very notion go on in your organizations? When was the last time you tried to sell your employees on some magic? Surely you can think of a time when you spun the message to sound more positive or left out some details in a communication. Eventually, like the kids, they will figure it out. However, unlike the kids, they can leave. Or they can stay and offer just a little less effort and put in a little less time.

    Regardless of what they choose, you may lose. Communication is tough and sometimes HR is sales and marketing. Just make sure you aren’t selling Santa Claus.

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