Who Says Talent Isn’t First?

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    Are interested in working in Netflix? Do you think that talent is your number one priority in HR? Then you shouldn’t apply at Netflix. In a current job posting on their website, Netflix clearly spells out what they are and are not looking for in a Director-HR. The message is short and doesn’t mention anything about company benefits or essential functions. But, it is effective. It is to the point and my guess is that it will weed out a number of candidates that don’t fit.

    What about talent?

    In a previous post, I discussed the many different answers one would get if asked, “What is HR’s number one responsibility?” Everyone in an organization seems to have their own opinion of what the answer should be. And I would also guess that most organizations lack the communication to define it across all the individuals in the organization. So we end up with 1000 different answers all in the same organization. Even with the differences, I would guess that the majority of those in HR roles would answer that talent (in one form or another) is their number one priority.

    The folks at Netflix clearly state the priority of the Director is business first, customer second and talent third. Then further go to define that the incumbent will be working with the talent to meet the objectives of the business and the customer.

    Isn’t this exactly what HR should be all about. Isn’t it about getting business results through the talent. Sometimes I think HR folks get so wrapped up in the feel good, or the compliance, or the policing that they forget our primary objective is helping the organization meet its business objectives. And yes the studies and research have shown that we do that by taking care of the talent. But when we lose the focus of business and customers first, we are likely going to lose our seat at the table, because we just don’t get it. And organizational leaders expect us to get it.

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