No Need to Have A Conversation-Just Create a Policy

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    Over at the HRCapitalist blog, Kris Dunn asked the question, “Why Don’t We Coach Employees More Than We Do?” This is a great question and to quote Dunn, “Confrontation sucks.”
    Another great question in the HR blog roll today is, “What are you holding on to??” This one is offered by Steve Brown in his blog, Everyday People. Browne shares a story about a company’s eight-page dress code policy filled with all the things that employees can’t wear. Instead of providing guidance, employees are given pages of hard-to-follow rules.
    So what would be your response to a few employees coming to work dressed inappropriately? Or how do you handle other policies or how to performance concerns or simplify decision-making? In most cases, drafting and posting an eight-page policy isn’t easier than having a conversation with the employees in question. So, why does it still seem to be a common HR and management response?

    Dunn is right; confrontation sucks. In my opinion, coaching should never be about confrontation. And when it is, it doesn’t happen. Instead, you get an eight-page policy about dress codes. The eight-page policy makes you feel good about addressing the problem.

    But did you change the behavior? Have you complained recently about no one reading policies anyway? If so, why would throw out another policy as the solution?

    Address the issue. Be the change that you want to see. Start to remodel your culture where feedback isn’t confrontation.

    Because confrontation does suck.

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