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    In a previous post, I discussed some common misconceptions with illegal workplace behavior. With all the misconceptions that some behavior is illegal and with all the sexual harassment training that is provided, it should be easy to figure out that the following behavior is illegal:

    • Exposing your genitals to female employees and forcing one to touch your private parts.
    • Requiring women to participate in a “kissing” or “smooching” club to receive the sales leads and accounts necessary to earn commissions
    • Firing women who reject managers’ sexual advances and complain about them

    In a recent EEOC case against a Memphis company with a verdict of $1.5 million, a jury found that two male managers had subjected female employees to severe sexual harassment. Two of the three women involved in the case where then fired after making complaints.

    Where was HR in this case? Or more importantly, if this was going on in your organization would you know? What would you do?

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