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    “This research clearly shows that the days of bloated HR organizations focused on administrative tasks are over,” said Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, of Bersin & Associates. “Lean, technology-enabled, well-trained HR teams can take advantage of modern talent practices and partner with business leaders to drive impact.”

    The above quote by Bersin is in response to a two-year global study released by Bersin & Associates that examined HR effectiveness in organizations. The study further found that the effectiveness of HR has a significant impact on the performance of the organization. The old model of the HR as administrator is not effective and according to the study, HR departments are not prepared for the new role. This new role requires that HR is skilled in areas such as technology, social media, sourcing top talent, identifying and developing leaders, compensation, and driving performance through effective coaching and feedback.

    If you are in the role of HR and still see your job as administrative and compliance-driven, this study should scare you. Companies will not be able to afford to have these missing skill sets in the future. The role is too critical and failure will not be an option.

    Do you think this is why we are currently seeing a trend that those in top HR roles in companies come from different business units? If you are in HR and you don’t get the business, learn it or step aside. And while it was stated in the press release of the study that these are the future skills of HR, I say they are the here and the now.

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