Who do you serve?

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    The workplace today is filled with its own set of politics and “workplace dynamics” as it sometimes called. There are power structures within the organization both formal and informal. Often times the informal leader has the strongest voice while the formal leader struggles with the very concept of guiding others or having them “follow them.” I have witnessed position power be overruled across industries and within multiple organizations by those persons in organizations that people follow despite their title or position. It is very likely that if you are an HR professional or employee anywhere that you too have witnessed this in your own organization.

    Another question that is often asked that is also dictated by these power structures is, “who do you serve?” Many HR professionals believe they are working for their internal customers. Many claim to have gotten into the profession because they like helping people. (No judgment on that answer, I myself initially chose this profession due to the “human” aspect.) However, I wonder how many HR professionals out there are serving “the people” or “their internal customers?” At the end of the day, is that really the job of HR?

    If you are and HR professional, what do you see as your “job”? Who are serving? Is it you job to serve the business or the people?

    Your thoughts are encouraged!!

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