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    With the news of Lebron’s departure from the Cleveland Cavs announced last night, the emotions of Clevelanders are running high. There are so many lessons we could discuss from this situations in the world of the workplace, but it is also good to find humor in those emotionally charged events. Nick Fishman of EmployeeScreenIQ writes in his blog about the background check of Lebron:

    Let’s take a look at what LeBron’s employment background check might look like the next time he looks for a job:

    Criminal Background Check: Guilty of Stealing the Hearts of the entire city of Cleveland

    Motor Vehicle Record: Speeding out of town

    Employment Verification: Check out Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert’s reaction. Do we think he would offer a glowing reference?

    Now that we have seen the humor the situation can bring, let’s discuss at least one lesson. DO NOT BURN BRIDGES! If you get your dream job offer that you just can’t refuse, don’t feel bad about taking it. But be sure to leave your current employer with dignity and tact. You never know if your dream job will eventually turn out to be a nightmare. While us Cavs fans are hoping Gilbert’s prediction about the curse is right, Lebron should be hoping it works out in Miami.

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