Data Breach Hits Japan Airlines’ Frequent Flier Club

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    Yet another reminder of the need to include data breaches at your org and others’ in crisis management plans

    Japan Airlines has joined the data breach club, announcing that hackers had made away personal info belonging to several hundred thousand of its Frequent Flier club members.

    The Japan Times reports:

    Hackers may have stolen details of between 110,000 and 750,000 members of Japan Airlines’ frequent flier club, the airline said, blaming a virus attack on computer terminals within its network.

    The data includes the names, addresses, genders and places of work of members of JAL’s mileage program, the airline said Wednesday.

    JAL said it has not identified a leak of credit card numbers or passwords, and that no financial damage has been reported.

    The airline detected a number of intrusions on Friday and Monday into the system that manages customer information.

    An investigation found that 23 personal computers contained a virus. Seven were found to have been sending data to a server in Hong Kong.

    Data breaches are a global problem, and even those affecting businesses overseas can hold significant implications for organizations on home shores. In order to be properly prepared, you need crisis management plans for data breaches not only in your own organization, but also amongst your associates, suppliers, contractors, and anyone else associated with your business or the information it collects.

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