Storytelling For Communication

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    Story telling is useful, effective, and important when it comes to communication. You do not have to listen to complicated boring lectures nor read tons of manuals to understand the content. For example, how do you show the growth of a company? How do you show what happened during its history? Visual storytelling can help. It’s as if you are watching a movie or even seeing a series of eye-catching cartoon frames.

    To start, relate the story to the business. Write out your script.
    • Make the viewers see the movement of a company from the past to the beginning by letting them see the growth of the company and all of its innovations, transformations, and makeovers.
    • Show what was updated easily by narrating what was and what occurred through a series of stories.
    • Make a telling infographic using any variety of charts. For example, within the charts, you can apply smaller letters to depict the beginning of a company and then apply larger letters as the company grows. Or, use your imagination to show how things were before and how they are now by using striking colors for data comparisons.
    • Use mappings with movements and real images to create a feeling for the company and all its relationships.
    • Show movement by linking relevant items. Try to present or display some form of motion from the data. To get more attention and responses from your audience while displaying this, take photos of relevant items designed to not only impress but to make them feel confident about what you are displaying.
    • Show details when needed, use mappings and lines to point to other relevant information.
    • Make it creative impressive and memorable. Use your highlight and design the story for the audience you were trying to capture.
    • Make it organized and fun to view as you lead them and move from one focal point to the next.

    Storytelling has been used through the ages to communicate what has happened in the past. Use the same technique to get your point across or to describe some new technology. Story telling:
    • Allows people to visualize the importance of the content at hand. For example, animation is always more easily viewed than straight lectures without any interaction.
    • Compliments technical writing content. For technical writing, stories can be applied, especially when they present different scenarios. Use story time and your videos charts to describe features
    • Supports your technology or business plan or ideas or methodologies.
    • Adds to collaboration in describing a brand.
    • Allows you to actually allows the target audience to focus and understand more clearly what is being explained

    Storytelling is useful for training sessions, information retrieval, education, and global teaching. Use it whenever you can to make lectures more appealing.

    If you have had any experience with applying story telling in business, please leave a comment or add to this content. Thank you.