Communicating Electronically

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    Communicating electronically is widely used for businesses, education, heath, and individuals. All businesses big or small use mobile, networking, or virtual devices to communicate. It is one of our most important and popular tools. We use our smart phones, tablets, or any other devices every second of every day. We use these devices at work, at home, while shopping or on a trip, while waiting, etc. We need these devices to be informed of different events surrounding us. Whether it’s to be notified of emails, status reports from work or a sale at a store, getting a coupon, these devices help to keep us informed and keep us on our toes. For monitoring our health, these devices, e.g., tell us when to stand up and stretch, or provide health records when needed. Communicating electronically keeps us up-to-date on all matters through internet access to data.

    Benefits of communicating electronically for the individual.

    • Education – helps us to instruct individuals. Educational websites and educational publishing is now easily accomplished. Also, training mediums through videos and interactive learning is easily accessible and can be used at an individual’s own pace.
    • Knowledge management – helps us to manage and share content and also provides information services through channels such as content management systems. Knowledge is easily shared and maintained electronically.
    • Notifications – helps us to communicate easier through text and voice activated messages. It is no longer necessary to know how to type nor write if, e.g., all you need is your voice to speak into a smart phones to communicate messages.
    • Traveling – helps us to travel more easily through the aid of GPS systems or smart cars.
    • Health – helps us to stay healthier by letting us use healthcare apps and medical devices to monitor patient care and share information on our health. We can electronically access and share our health records when needed, know how far we’ve walked, display our pulse rate, etc.
    • Organization – helps us to remain organized and on schedule through various business applications and can even help us keep track of items, devices, people, notes, pets, etc.
    • Tasks – helps us remember scheduled appointments and tasks that need to be taken care of.
    • Contacts – helps us to maintain communication with our favorite people (clients, friends, family, Drs., etc.).
    • Entertainment – helps us to access and provide easier recreation, such as movies, shows, games, etc. It also helps us to easily take photos and to share them to whomever we want.

    Benefits of communicating electronically for businesses.

    • Keeps businesses up-to-date on all matters such as statuses, gathering data, brainstorming, solving problems, trends, new procedures, etc.
    • Provides easier collaboration and engagement by helping us to maintain our global contacts trough telecommunications, video conferencing, etc.
    • Provides easier marketing to new and current clients through digital advertising.
    • Keeps businesses up-to-date on business matters through video and audio conferences.
    • Eases maintenance and viewing of data.
    • Eases assistance and productivity capabilities by providing support anytime and anywhere.

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