10 Quick Tips for Better Messages in Your Next Presentation

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    19088092Sadly, if your presentation is like most, your audience will remember very little of what you say. This is especially true if it is fact-filled, detailed and linear. You will be more successful if you think about creating and delivering a high-level message, and using facts and detail only to support your message. After all, it is the message itself you want them to remember, right?

    Here are some tips to ensure clarity and focus in your next presentation.

    1. Be sure you are clear about what your message really is. Don’t get hung up on the details until you have looked at and clarified the big “so what?” of your presentation.
    2. Your message should provide context and overview, making it easy to listeners to follow your presentation.
    3. Don’t have a series of messages. Just one compelling message simply stated, easily understood & remembered.
    4. Condense your message to one sentence, targeted to the time, place and people in front of you. Talk their language, and focus on their concerns about this issue.
    5. Use this powerful targeted message to begin and end your presentation with impact.
    6. Get to the point in one minute or less. If you have a clear message, start with it, and add backfill as you go.
    7. Use 3 short statements or questions to pique audience interest, then quickly tie them to your message. Presentation launched!
    8. To increase retention and understanding of your presentation, tie all content to your message.
    9. Don’t memorize your entire presentation, but rehearse until you are fully fluent and confident in stating your opening and message.
    10. Use your message for a clear, compelling ending. We tend to remember what we hear last, so leave a positive impression.

    Here is great news: once you are crystal clear with your intended message, the presentation almost writes itself. Try it today.