15 Quick Tips for Delivering Slides and Visual Aids

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    Slide shows getting boring? Next time you get ready to deliver a presentation using slides, review this list and commit to delivering your slides with impact.


    1. Decide if a slideshow is really needed. If it adds value to the audience, use it. If you are using it as a crutch, skip it.
    2. Don’t just tell. For every slide or major point, find a way to enliven it with an illustration, example, image or story.
    3. Everything you say does not have to be on your slide. Everything on your slide doesn’t need to be said.
    4. Interpret slides; don’t read them line by line. Tell a story, provide context, have a conversation about the content.
    5. Be radical: present without slides. Or use just 1 or 2. If this is too radical in your organization, prepare slides but don’t use them unless you need to.
    6. Use something besides a slide; consider flip charting a spontaneous discussion, use a handout for an informal talk, pass around a prop, or do a demonstration.
    7. Too many slides but don’t want to delete them? Instead “hide” them. They won’t show up in slide show but are there if you need them.
    8. Use a remote slide advancer so you have something in your hand, and so you don’t have to be glued to the lectern.
    9. Use the remote slide advancer to start your slideshow smoothly.
    10. Get your own slide advancer, so you can make it look smooth and easy.
    11. Look at your laptop instead of the screen, so you don’t have to turn your back to audience. If you must point to the screen, keep your shoulders and torso facing forward.
    12. Use special functions for impact: in slideshow view, press B for a black screen, press B again to return to slides.
    13. At the end of your presentation, don’t click to black. Have a final slide with your contact information, a call to action, or your title slide repeated.
    14. Want to move from one part of your presentation to another? In slide show, type the number of the slide you want and enter. Voila!
    15. Track your time by using a remote slide advancer with a timer in it. Or use your smart phone or iPad timer to count down the time remaining.

    Slides don’t have to slow you down and bore your audience to tears. Use this tip sheet to take a fresh look at how to deliver with impact.