Ready, Set, Present: How to Prepare for Presentation Success Part Two

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    start buttonNow that you have prepared your content well and have worked on being calm and focused, you are well on the way to feeling confident, focused, and ready for your important presentation.

    Here is the rest of the story; what to do in the hours and moments before the big event.

    1. Walk to calm down or gear up. There is something about movement; it helps you to loosen up if you are feeling tense, and helps you to calm down by dissipating excess energy. Before your presentation, walk up and down the halls, swinging your arms, loosening your neck and shoulders, and just feeling strong and loose. You might find it helpful to walk outdoors if you can, taking in fresh air and clearing your mind.

    2. Take deep calming breaths. Whenever you feel anxiety beginning to build up, take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply. As you focus on your breathing, other thoughts can drift away. Remind yourself that you are prepared, you are ready, and now you are oxygenating your body and brain, giving it fresh fuel.

    3. Relax your shoulders. If you feel physically tense and tight, be sure to release the tension out of your shoulders. Before you enter the presentation room, bring your shoulders up toward your ears in a tight scrunch, then release the tension out of them completely. As you drop your shoulders, notice the tension leaves your arms and hands as well. You look and feel more confident and relaxed.

    4. Smile and face the audience. They are with you, and they want you to succeed. These are your colleagues, your customers, your leaders, and you have an important message to share with them. Take a moment to connect and feel them before you begin. Make eye contact. Smile in a greeting. You are really ready to begin.