C is for Courage

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    We continue describing effective presentation skills by the alphabet.

    C is for

    Courage. It takes a certain amount of courage just to get up and speak. It takes even more to be authentic, or to take a risk in front of your peers. Tap in to your courage like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. if you have something to say, you have the power, and the courage to speak up.

    Charisma. Charisma is “unearned charm that makes you attractive to others.” If you–like most of us–don’t have it naturally, compensate with real enthusiasm, passion for your subject matter, and interest in people. Go out of your way to listen well and make genuine connections with people. Don’t forget focused eye contact to charm and attract your audience. Think Bill Clinton.

    Confidence. How you walk into a room or take the stage already says volumes about you. Stand tall but with ease. Breathe. Smile. Gesture when you speak. Learn how to project your voice and speak with rhythm and varied vocal inflections. Eliminate hesitancy and questions in your vocal sounds. Act as if you were supremely confident and tell yourself you are.

    Curious. Nothing is worse than having a presenter ask a question they clearly don’t care about the answer to. Plan to learn something new in each presentation you give. Engage with your audience with a sense of curiosity. Share the knowledge you have and build an even deeper knowledge by adding what the audience knows.

    How have you embodied these attributes to become a more effective presenter? What other words that describe effective presenters start with the letter C? Would love to hear from you!