Top 5 Tips on Building an Excellent Team

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    All companies in an industry can use the same technologies, build the same buildings — so really the differentiating factor in business is the people in a company.

    Hiring, training and motivating employees is key to making your company distinctively superior.

    1. Hiring. Be patient and hire the employees that are the best fit for the position and your company. Ensure the skills and motivation to succeed are there. Require references from a former boss, peer and director report, if applicable. Very importantly, check the references yourself. This ensure continuity between the interview and the references.

    2. Training.

    • Offer company orientation, with basic information on the company, as well as how business is done by the organization.
    • Train on required, special or specific technical knowledge. For more senior positions, provide an on-boarding sheet listing the basic knowledge needed, and ask employees to initial when they have found and understood the information.

    3. Coaching. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of employees. Be a cheerleader on their strengths and accomplishments. Help them figure out how to shift the paradign on the weaknesses so they become strengths. For example, being quiet is not a strength in sales – however, listening is key to selling effectively.

    4. Set the tone for a fun, human work environment.

    • Have some fun on the job. Some moments of lightness
    • Keep the interactions human; have a heart. Take a genuine interest in your folks. Caring goes further than knowing in so many ways.
    • Help your employees succe. Let them do their job, and give them the support and resources they need. Be sure they are recognized when you reap the benefits.And do not throw them under the bus.
    • Arrange some informal, outside activities: bowling, lunch off-site. I even know an HR Manager who used to take employees to breakfast after an early meeting. These events allow us to get to know each other beyond work, as people, which helps to build trust.

    5. Throw down a positive, achievable challenge.

    • Your competitors are the real challenge but some friendly internal competition can get the juices flowing. Try competitions with low stake awards, such as taking the winners or team to lunch.
    • Be sure that any compensation, evaluations are tied to achievable goals – or the goals will cease to motivate.

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