Are you Pushy? How do you Pull in Sales Instead?

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    Push or Pull? The old question. What are you doing?

    Think about pushing. We have all had a pushy sales rep. We don’t want the product, at least yet. We don’t want to talk to them. They are all sell, sell, sell. Hard sell too.

    Just get off my case!!

    Turn your mind to pulling. To being a magnetic force. For this, the charismatic individuals out there have it made.

    However, the rest of us can radiate sunshine, positive vibes. We can connect on a human level. We can listen. We don’t need to talk all the time.

    We can understand the customers’ needs. We can focus on helping the prospect, rather than selling the prospect. We can show we care about the struggle. Caring matters more than solving the problem in many ways. And, we can perceptively pick up on what is upsetting to the customer, what brings emotional hardship – the pain, so to speak.

    Then we know what to solve. Then we know what the prospect needs, and we can help them with that, if it is within our expertise. If not, we can refer them to someone who does.

    I know I prefer a soft sell, pull sales rep far more than a hard sell, pushy rep. You may want to keep these two approaches in the back of your mind as you promote your product or service, and evaluate what you are doing – bringing the prospect to you, or pushing them away.

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