Want an Ace Team? Try a Virtual One!

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    With the internet, skype and social media, the world is small. It used to be expensive to call friends in Denmark from North America, but now it is free to e-mail or skype. This makes a virtual, global team possible.

    I suspect that many of the FML readers are solopreneurs, start ups and small businesses. During this business stage, there isn’t always enough work to hire one person for a function, such as marketing.

    In the past, businesses hired the needed talent. Small businesses had a tough time attracting excellent talent. Now, in the age of technology, we can work with ready-made talent who is located at their own office. They may even be half-way around the world.

    There are many search engine optimization firms, marketing consultants, PR firms, market research firms and so on. How do you know who to work with?

    As always, trust is paramount. So, a referral from someone you know helps, and face-to-face meeting can often be needed initially. Evaluate the expert’s credentials. Then, start with small jobs, and see how they go before working on more critical tasks or making the arrangement more permanent.

    Outsourcing goes beyond marketing. There are plenty of contract manufacturing firms, and research/development firms with concentrations of technical industries.

    We all know that UPS has focused on being the supply chain partner to businesses. As I look around, the stationery store becomes an important supplier to office businesses, as do the DIY stores for contractors.

    So, until the work becomes a full-time job or attracts the talent needed, build a virtual ace team!

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    Tove Rasmussen, of Partners Creating Wealth, offers business expertise worldwide to help organizations grow, and disadvantaged regions thrive.

    Photo credit: Steve Cadman