How to Generate More Leads

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    You only need one lead to make a sale, says common wisdom. However, your chances of selling increase with more leads.

    So, how do you generate more leads?

    1. Offer compelling products and services for your customers.

    2. Be compelling. Approach prospects with a view to helping, rather than making a sale. Show your enthusiasm, smarts and ingenuity.

    3. Be in the information your prospects review before buying. Know how your customer buys through market research.

    4. Spend time building relationships with your target market. Understand where your target market is, gathers information – and be there to help them out. Speaking, writing, helping with associations are some ideas.

    5. Market on the internet. Have a website. Get on Facebook, Twitter — if your customers will be there.

    6. Give customers a chance to try out the product or service. A free trial. View it on video. Whatever works for the product or service.

    7. Monitor where your leads come from, and keep doing what works!

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    Photo credit: Billy Bob Bain